Electric fence suppliers call for Europe-wide standards

Manufacturers and suppliers of electric fences across Europe

Manufacturers and suppliers of electric fences across Europe are being invited to join the Electric Fence Association, at a special meeting in Brussels on June 27th.

The EFA is seeking to widen its membership across Europe as it works towards greater harmonisation of standards in EU markets, explained the founding-director Graham Harper.

The association, which already represents the ten leading companies in the UK electric fence sector, was established in March 1997 and has become a major voice in the development of international standards for system design and installation. 

 “At the moment there is a lot of variation across Europe, with different countries applying different rules to the use of electric fences for both security and agricultural applications. We believe it is now time to establish a single set of common standards to govern the design, manufacture and installation of these systems,” said Mr Harper.

“If we can harmonise our way of working across the whole of the EU it will benefit both customers and suppliers.”

Suppliers and manufacturers from around Europe are being invited to the EFA meeting in Brussels, which is being staged to coincide with the next CENELEC meeting. They may also apply to attend the next EFA meeting in the UK.
“With broad European membership the EFA will be able to present a united front to national governments as well as to Brussels,” Mr Harper added.

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