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Elevation Training Academy today announced a new partnership with recruitment agency, Secure & Recruit. This partnership aims to bring new talent into the fire and security industry and drive the next generation of fire and security engineers.

The skills shortage and aging workforce within the industry has received significant attention, and as the number of companies securing apprenticeships continues to increase, it has become a long-term investment for their company growth. However, bridging the skills gap is not an easy task, and it is crucial to ensure that the investment made in hiring new talent is worthwhile.

Secure & Recruit has a continuous flow of entry-level candidates who are eager to obtain their place in the sector. These candidates have connections to the industry through friends and family, or they have already completed self-funded industry courses, proving their dedication to their chosen career path. Elevation Training Academy are confident that this partnership can address the skills shortage and provide the industry with the skilled workforce it requires.

Secure & Recruit has a high level of success in placing fire and security tutors for the apprentice scheme, which has given them an in-depth understanding of the full cycle. Through a cost-effective solution, Secure & Recruit can eliminate the extensive selection process of new apprentices and ensure their clients are provided with the most dedicated candidates. The company manages the entire recruitment process, ensuring that it is streamlined and efficient.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Secure & Recruit in our efforts to bridge the skills gap within the industry and provide the next generation of engineers with the training and opportunities they need to learn, grow and evolve. Our partnership with Secure & Recruit aligns with our commitment to developing a highly-skilled workforce within the fire and security industry.” Says Jolene Taylor, Managing Director of Elevation Training Academy. “We are confident that with the help of Secure & Recruit, we can make a significant impact in addressing the skills shortage and supporting the industry’s growth.”

“Secure & Recruit are proud to be supporting Elevation Training Academy with their award-winning training of bringing in new talent to the fire and security industry. As an acclaimed provider of skilled candidates within the fire and security sector, we are well placed to understand what it takes for the making of an accomplished Fire and Security Engineer,” says Sophie Hallam, Managing Director at Recure & Recruit. “This new drive for the next generation of Fire and Security Engineers resonates with Secure & Recruit’s ethos and we’re extremely excited to be a part of this.”

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