Elmdene showcases its Fire Signalling Interface at IFSEC 2011

Elmdene's Fire Signalling Interface
Elmdene's Fire Signalling Interface

Innovative electronic security and fire products manufacturer, Elmdene International Limited – a subsidiary of Potter Electric Signal, LLC – used IFSEC 2011 to showcase its advanced Fire Signalling Interface FSI-01. This has been created as an effective, fully-monitored, way of maintaining the integrity of a Fire System Control Panel when it has been set-up to share a Subscriber Terminal Unit (STU) for signalling with an Intruder Alarm System – an increasingly common configuration – with the FSI-01 able to deliver critical fault reports, simultaneously, to both the Fire and Intruder systems.

According to Elmdene, the design of the FSI-01 addresses, head-on, a critical capability gap in the marketplace. Without a solution like the Fire Signalling Interface in place, Elmdene contends that if there is a problem with a communications device such as a line or power fault – in the context of an Intruder Alarm System’s STU – the Fire System Control Panel, typically, has no way of being notified so compromising the signalling of the alarm to the ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre).

When deployed, Elmdene’s sophisticated Fire Signalling Interface (FSI-01), which comes in two sections to provide physical segregation between Fire and Intruder system elements, offers an effective solution to this signalling issue by continually monitoring the full integrity of the communications device whether it be a line fault, mains failure or a battery fault. In addition, the Fire Signalling Interface can detect short and open circuit conditions on cabling between the Fire Panel and the FSI-01. This means that the FSI-01 is able to alert the Fire System Control Panel immediately there is an issue and, crucially, ensures that the ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) is not in the dark should a problem arise, allowing appropriate remedial action to be taken.

Said Ian Moore, Managing Director, Elmdene International Limited: “The FSI-01, which has been developed by our in-house technical engineers, brings to market a powerful solution to a real on-the-ground issue for Fire System Control Panels when they are deployed in conjunction with Intruder Alarm infrastructure.

“The interruption of alarm signalling, without the ARC being aware that it has happened, is undoubtedly a major headache, in such a safety critical area, where it is imperative to be able to provide a consistent early warning of fire. Thankfully, with the FSI-01 in place all important fire signalling integrity can now be monitored and maintained around the clock.”

Other user-friendly features built-in to the FSI-01 include a ‘shunt’ key switch facility. This enables Fire System maintenance/testing to be carried out ‘locally’ without signalling back to the ARC, as signified by a front panel LED, plus the ability to drive a remote indicator if required. There is also the potential for the FSI-01 to be close-coupled to an Elmdene power supply and housing provided for the STU.

About Elmdene International Limited
Founded over 40 years ago, Elmdene International Limited – a subsidiary of Potter Electric Signal, LLC – is headquartered in Portsmouth, England, with a turnover of £10 million and has 100 employees. The fast growing company manufactures electronic products for the security, access control, CCTV and fire industries around the world. Key product lines for Elmdene include: its new innovative Merlin MGD-S Graffiti Detector which applies acoustic technology to detect aerosol-propelled spray paints, energy efficient Switch Mode power supplies which are up to 87 per cent efficient (compared to around 50 per cent for linear alternatives), a wide range of external and internal sounders, panic buttons, magnetic contacts, safe limpets, junction boxes and ancillaries.

Elmdene places a strong emphasis on quality, is accredited to BS EN9001:2000, and manufactures products to technical standards recognised around the world such as: VdS in Germany for EN54-4 power supply equipment for the fire industry, NFa2p in France, NCP in the Netherlands and INCERT in Belgium for magnetic contacts, external sounders, power supplies and inertia detectors.

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