Eseye protects thousands of young adventurers on Ten Tors Challenge


Thousands of teenagers taking part in the annual two-day Ten Tors Challenge across Dartmoor in Devon were tracked every step of the way by a safety solution designed and supplied by Eseye.

More than 2,400 teenagers aged between 14 and 19 took part in Saturday’s event, trekking 35, 45 or 55 miles over what the Ten Tors director Brigadier Piers Hankinson called the “forbidding Dartmoor terrain”. The teenagers set off on Saturday morning and camped on the moor overnight.

Eseye was the proud supplier of two solutions for this particular event: the Eseye ‘Eider’ GSM/GPRS modem combined with the AnyNet SIM card as well as a bespoke Satellite tracking solution both of which allowed the teenagers to trek safely throughout the event.

During the event, at each control point, the teams’ progress was recorded electronically and delivered to the safety centre using Eseye’s ‘Eider’ GSM/GPRS modem and the AnyNet SIM card.

Ian Marsden , CTO explained “Eseye’s AnyNet SIM card is ideal for use in applications where there is uncertainty of which mobile network operator will have the strongest signal and where roaming charges may carry risks of high incremental costs. Continuity of service is particularly important in remote locations like these teenagers were facing in Dartmoor, but we also see huge demand for this in many of our other solutions areas such as security, smart metering and environmental monitoring. Because of the way our solutions work our customers are guaranteed continuity of service at the lowest cost without additional roaming charges, not just in the UK, but across much of the globe including Europe, USA and Australia”.

Eseye also provided a bespoke system delivering Satellite tracking data from each of the teams. In real time, the location updates were plotted on Ordinance Survey maps using the OpenSpace API.

Ian added “We were really excited to work with the Ten Tors organisation for this event. Every customer that we work with has particular requirements to give their product something unique. From the monitoring of waste collection to the control of Building management systems at Eseye we are always keen to understand exactly how we can provide connectivity services that give our customers the edge over their competition”.

Eseye ( are a Machine to Machine (M2M) service provider with their own infrastructure (APN) and multiple-operator interconnect agreements. What makes Eseye different is their world class expertise in product engineering and systems integration. So they have the necessary expertise to assist you with getting your devices connected using mobile technology. And with customers around the world in multiple market segments such as; Security, Facilities Management, Smart Metering, Cleantech and Automotive, they have the commercial know-how to ensure your business gets the best value out of their technical expertise.


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