Evina to protect mobile users with new country reports

Leading cybersecurity firm Evina is to release regular detailed reports on the most malicious apps across more than 80 countries including the Middle East and Africa.

Evina currently protects more than 20 million transactions per day from being compromised by malicious apps.

David Lotfi, CEO of Evina, said: “Malware that infects users’ phones remains a quiet scourge in many of the mobile ecosystem’s app stores.”

Evina has a long track record of helping mobile network operators (MNOs) and others develop their mobile payments strategies. In this context, the results of its regular mobile app store monitoring will be collated in Evina’s ‘Malicious App Observer’ that reveals how cybercriminals publish infected apps and which ones should be avoided.

Lotfi added: “The fight against malicious apps is first and foremost a matter of technology. The biggest players need to make sure, with the help of solutions like Evina’s, that they do not subject their users to dangerous applications. For this to happen, end users and ecosystem players need to be more aware of the dangers posed by these apps. Our reports aim at helping raise this awareness.”

Evina has helped many of its responsible and forward-thinking partners including Ooredoo, Proximus, Orange and Vodacom to protect their mobile users.

Yet, in the complex mobile cybersecurity ecosystem each organisation needs to implement appropriate cyber protection, as it sometimes only takes one weak link for cybercriminals to bypass protections and attack.

The Evina Malicious App Observer will focus on a different country in each edition and explain how fraudulent apps end up in mobile application stores, why, and how to stay alert and safe. Thanks to its proprietary technology developed over 15 years, and its information-sharing partnerships with telcos, Evina is quickly able to identify fraudulent apps better and faster than anyone else.

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