False alarms down by 95%: Optex and EMCS provide effective solution


Optex Europe, the leading detector business, and EMCS, the independent alarm receiving centre (ARC), have been working alongside each other to dramatically drive down the false alarms blighting the security of several sites.

EMCS’ CCTV Manager, Mark Hewerdine, was looking for an effective solution for the installer, Panther Security, and end user to overcome increasingly high volumes of false alarms that were impacting on service: “The answer was in working with our installers and Optex Europe by ensuring all detectors were properly aligned,” he says, “and the results were most impressive.

“With most sites that participated in the Scheme managing to halve false alarm activity, some locations have benefitted from a reduction of a staggering 95%!

“The impact on service levels by reducing false alarms cannot be underestimated, and here at EMCS we believe the best way to achieve this is by being proactive in working with our customers and industry partners,” Mark continues: “The approach to installers with sites experiencing higher volumes of false alarms needed to be conducted with the highest level of professionalism, ensuring that all parties were comfortable with the input from Optex and EMCS,” he says. “Without this genuine ‘partnership’ approach, the results we were seeking would not have been achieved.”

At the heart of the success story has been Optex’s REDWALL range of external detection systems. Martin Goodyer from Panther Security says that they wanted to ensure that the sensors were reliable in all applications: “Detection performance with this model is critical,” he adds. “So after careful evaluation we chose to work with the Optex REDWALL range of sensors; and with the help of the Optex engineers we have almost completely eliminated false alarms, on one site reducing them from 440 to 13 in one week.”

Optex Europe and EMCS are now working on developing further technologies and providing bespoke training for EMCS installers. As Nigel Hackett, Sales Director at Optex Europe concludes: “Quite simply if installers improve the performance of their sites through better product choice, system design and training, then EMCS will consider commercial benefits for those attaining a credible status through our agreed Optex training programme.”


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