FLIR’s portable thermal imaging camera Scout available at new lower price

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Flir Scout
Flir Scout

Due to extremely strong demand in the UK, following the product’s launch in early March 2011, the official FLIR Scout importer JJ Vickers & Sons is able to offer the new device at lower prices.

The FLIR Scout is available to purchase from J J Vickers & Sons at prices starting from £1999.00 for the TS24 model. No longer a privilege reserved for Naval warships or Police helicopters, the new device by world leading manufacturer FLIR Systems puts night vision technology into the hands of the law-enforcement and security professional for the first time.

The FLIR Scout is a rugged handheld thermal imaging camera. It gives law enforcement officers, security patrols and any other person that needs to see at night without being seen himself, the information needed to make critical decisions, enhance mission effectiveness, maximise operational capabilities and improve safety.

An asset to anyone performing covert operations, nocturnal patrolling or rescue, acute observation no longer needs to be restricted to daylight hours. The Scout thermal imaging camera produces a crisp image in the darkest of nights, through mist, fog, smoke, dust and even foliage.

Unrivalled in it’s marketplace, the device sees clearly in total darkness. It makes images from heat, not light, a feat impossible for the human eye or even image-intensified night vision devices. People, animals, and all objects – even ice – make their own heat and their own contrast, so are clearly seen by the Scout camera, even in the most adverse conditions.

Whereas conventional night vision optics may be useful for situational awareness, they cannot see in total darkness, penetrate foliage or make a picture at great distances. The advanced image processing capabilities produce acute, penetrating thermal vision from night to day – even in sunlight the camera will clearly highlight animals or people concealed by trees or bushes.

There are dozens of other uses for Scout including the detection of heat leaks and water damage around the home.

The FLIR Scout is exclusively available from J J Vickers & Sons, the official FLIR Scout importer for the UK and Ireland.

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