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Where do I send my company’s PR for inclusion in the magazine?

Security Buyer attends all major events in the Security industry. You can view all our events news on our events tab.

You can view our event and media partners in our Media Partners tab.

You can download your digital copy from the Library tab.

You can request a media pack from our Sales team at sales@securitybuyer.com

You can request our forward features list from our Editorial team at editor@securitybuyer.com

Our audience breakdown can be found in our media pack. Please contact our Sales team to receive a media pack.

You can subscribe here. (Hand media subscription basket link)

One week before print deadline as provided by one of our Sales Managers.

300dpi resolution PDF

FP: W210mm x H297mm with a 3mm bleed on all sides

HP Horizontal: W190mm x H90mm

HP Vertical: W90mm x H278mm

QP: W90mm x H130mm

DPS: W420mm x H297mm with a 3mm bleed on all sides

Front Cover Image: W138mm x H217mm with a 3mm bleed on all sides

For further information regarding our magazine please contact sales@securitybuyer.com

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