Frontier Pitts achieve world first with joint LPS1175 & IWA14 certification

IWA14 Terra Bi fold Gate

Secured by Design (SBD) member company Frontier Pitts has become the first company to achieve the LPCB certification for an HVM Bi-folding Gate to both the international standard for vehicle resistance (IWA14) and forced entry protection (LPS1175).

The Terra Bi-folding Gate is the first and only HVM product to be listed in the Red Book Live to both IWA14-1 and LPS1175.

The HVM Terra Bi-folding Gate has been successfully designed to resist manual forced entry in accordance with LPS 1175: Issue 8 Security Rating 2 (B3). Such attacks involve the use of a wide array of highly portable and concealable manual tools lasting at least 3 minutes. Furthermore, in a world first, the Double Leaf Terra Bi-folding Gate also met the requirements of IWA14-1, stopping a 7.2t vehicle travelling at 30mph, resulting in minimal penetration.

The Terra Bi-folding Gate combines Frontier Pitts’ expertise in both IWA 14 impact testing and LPS1175 fields, providing customers with both significant levels of resistance to forced entry and hostile vehicle mitigation in a one product solution.

Sally Osmond of Frontier Pitts says, “After months of development, we are extremely proud to see our Terra Bi-folding Gate become the first product ever to be listed in the Red Book Live as being certified to both IWA14-1 and LPS1175.

“Frontier Pitts leads the way again by becoming the first perimeter security manufacturer to have a Red Book listing for an impact tested and certified HVM product to IWA. We have worked very hard in developing the vast portfolio of LPS1175 Bi-folding Gates, developing the first Automatic Bi-folding Gate to achieve the LPCB certification, then taking the next step to achieve the joint certification with an HVM product.

“This accomplishment now cements the Frontier Pitts brand as the Bi-folding Gate manufacturer.”

Richard Flint, BRE’s Technical and Business Development Manager commented: “Frontier Pitts have once again stepped out from the crowd. Not only are they the first manufacturer to successfully meet LPCB’s rigorous criteria for certification to the internationally recognised IWA14-1 standard for vehicle impact resistance, the Terra Bi-folding Gate has also achieved certification to the highly demanding LPS1175 standard – achieving a Security Rating 2 (B3) forced entry classification. This was no mean feat and provides specifiers and other stakeholders with unrivalled certainty regarding the resistance to vehicle impact and manual forced entry they can expect to receive from this when deploying this gate.”

SBD Development Officer Lyn Poole said: “This is a great accomplishment by Frontier Pitts, who are always leading from the front when it comes to Bi-folding gates. They have now taken it to the next level by achieving the new standard of LPS1175 with IWA 14-1 for HVM bi folding gates, an excellent achievement by the team”.

Frontier Pitts is the British manufacturer of Security Gates, Barriers, Blockers, Bollards, Turnstiles and a Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Anti Terra product range. From their headquarters in Crawley, Sussex, Frontier Pitts can provide a complete range of services including design, site surveys, manufacture, installation, civil and electrical services, maintenance, spares, repair or refurbishment and full project management.

Since Frontier Gate Systems and Pitts Security were founded in the early 1960’s, the company has been meeting perimeter security needs throughout the United Kingdom and the rest of the world.

All Frontier Pitts products are British made and with 25% of production exported, the company currently have equipment installed in more than 91 countries worldwide, maintaining their position at the cutting edge of the foreign marketplace with satellite offices in France, Hong Kong and China.

You can find out more about Frontier Pitts and their extensive range of SBD accredited products here:

BRE Global Limited, incorporating LPCB & BREEAM, is an independent third party certification body for fire, security and sustainability products and services in an international market. BRE Global’s product testing and certifications are carried out by recognised experts in their world renowned testing laboratories.

BRE Global Limited is custodian of a number of world leading brands including the LPCB for the certification of fire and security products and services, listed on

LPS 1175 covers the broadest scope of physical security products and services of any publicly available standard in the world, and the broadest scope of forced entry threat scenarios involving intruders that have little regard to the noise they make during attempts to achieve unauthorised access to assets, property and people.

The standard is the result of many years of work in partnership with Government, Insurers, Police and other stakeholders, and is a core element of physical security specification across many sectors. The latest version (Issue 8) defines intruder resistance in terms of Security Ratings that are formed of the following two elements:

– Threat level; Letter (A to H) corresponding with the tool kit used to evaluate the product’s intruder resistance and the number of attackers involved.

– Delay; Numeric value (1, 3, 5, 10, 15 or 20) corresponding with the minimum delay (in minutes) provided by the product when placed in a locked condition.

Issue 8 supports a layered approach to security, enabling the delay provided by products forming each layer of security to be determined against a common threat.

Products certified to LPS 1175 suit environments ranging from those in which an opportunist may be willing to spend up to one minute using easily concealed hand tools (Security Rating A1) through to sustained professional attacks lasting 20 minutes using a wide range of manual, electrical and thermal attack tools (Security Rating H20).

SBD is the official police security initiative that is owned by the UK Police Service with the specific aim to reduce crime and help people live more safely.

SBD seek to improve the physical security of buildings using products, such as doors, windows, locks and walling systems that meet the SBD Police Preferred Specification security requirements.

In addition, SBD work closely with builders, developers, local authorities and registered housing associations to incorporate the police crime prevention standards into developments from initial concept and design, through to construction and completion. Police forces throughout the UK have specially trained Designing Out Crime Officers (DOCOs) who offer police designing out crime and SBD advice free of charge. Over one million homes have been built to SBD standards with reductions in crime of up to 87%.

SBD have many partner organisations, ranging from the Home Office, Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government through to local authorities, housing associations, developers and manufacturers and work closely with standards and certification bodies.

SBD developed a product based accreditation scheme over 20 years ago – the Police Preferred Specification, which provides a recognised standard for all security products that can deter and reduce crime. SBD work with manufacturers and standards authorities to ensure that security standards are current and updated to keep pace with emerging crime trends.

There are currently many hundreds of companies producing thousands of attack resistant crime prevention products, across over 30 different crime categories, which have achieved Police Preferred Specification.

SBD is the only way for companies to obtain police recognition for security-related products in the UK.


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