Genie becomes exclusive distributor of the VIRDI biometric range

VIRDI Biometric Range from Genie
VIRDI Biometric Range from Genie

Genie has been appointed as the exclusive distributor in the UK & Ireland for the VIRDI brand of Biometric Access Control products manufactured in South Korea.

VIRDI’s Biometric range consists of AC 2500, AC 4000, AC 5000 and AC 6000 Fingerprint terminals and readers. The AC 6000 features a powerful 32-bit CPU for fast verification, a modern touch screen Biometric terminal, an embedded 1.3 megapixel digital camera and has capacity for 100,000 users.  The new range offers “Strictly Controlled Access” which, through the use of fingerprint recognition and RF Cards (RFID) to authorise access, provides no risk of impersonation or fraudulent entry due to identity theft.

All VIRDI fingerprint units are able to detect the following types of fake fingerprints: paper, coated paper, film, silicon, rubber and gelatin. They are detected using three different methods. Firstly, by distinguishing between live and fake fingerprints using electrostatic capacity technology to detect electrical discharge. Secondly, analysing the image data – achieved by illuminating the fingerprint with infrared at various incident angles and lastly, detecting differences between live and fake fingerprints using a powerful proprietary algorithm.

Genie Access
Genie Access

VIRDI Biometric readers are patented on all core technology, which includes the fingerprint sensor, fingerprint algorithm, fingerprint search and live and fake fingerprint detection. The capabilities of these patents have been independently verified and are internationally recognised. The fingerprint recognition sensor boasts high durability and stability, producing high quality fingerprint images that eliminate distortion and after images created by the optical sensor.

VIRDI systems are an ideal composition of Access Control with Time & Attendance Control as they provide optimal verification (identification) of people. VIRDI Systems do not eliminate readers for password (PIN) or RF cards, allowing the use of two verification methods e.g. Fingerprint with RF card or Fingerprint with PIN code. Work Time Tracking based on biometry is comfortable for users and the most reliable for employers. The Time and Attendance Solution uses access records from the authentication server. The fingerprint recognition device can be used as the basis of an integrated system, without additional Time and Attendance recorders or other devices. The access records are strictly managed and prevent manipulation of work hours. This is an innovative system that can monitor workers as well as enhance productivity.

All new VIRDI readers offer seamless integration with our existing range of Genie Access products. For more information, please visit

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