Geonovo appoint Lorraine Hughes as their new Account Manager

Lorraine Hughes
Lorraine Hughes

Geonovo Ltd, manufacturers of the RSP-100 lone worker protection device, has strengthened its sales team with the appointment of Lorraine Hughes as Account Manager.

Lorraine, who previously worked for Connexion2, will be responsible for developing new business opportunities by working closely with Geonovo’s growing network of UK business partners.

“Lorraine joins us at a time when interest in lone worker protection has never been higher,” said Peter Lusty, Geonovo’s Chief Executive. “Her knowledge of the marketplace makes Lorraine a very welcome addition to the Geonovo team which is committed to ensuring that we deliver the best possible pre and post sales support to customers relying on the Romad RSP-100 to provide protection for the vulnerable. Lorraine is the first of a number of new appointments which we will be making to our sales team during 2011.”

Although the Romad RSP-100 was initially introduced for the protection of lone workers, its success in that sector had led it to be quickly adopted to support various social welfare and health care programmes which help people with different abilities to remain active but protected within their own communities.

The RSP-100 is also proving to be an extremely useful device for businesses to manage their workforce more effectively and improve customer service levels. “The list of environments and roles where the RSP-100 can be deployed is as long as it is varied. From government organisations like the Probationary Service and the NHS, to businesses such as Domino’s Pizza and Travelodge and third sector organisations like the Red Cross, Geonovo’s fast growing list of customers embraces a wide range of sectors in a number of different countries,” added Peter Lusty.

Healthcare professionals, emergency services personnel, estate agents, transportation staff, fast food delivery drivers, security personnel and factory or office workers alone at night are just some of the vulnerable lone workers for whom peace of mind and additional personal protection is provided by the RSP-100.

Utilising high sensitivity GPS based technology which interacts with leading alarm receiving software platforms, RSP-100 equips employers to know exactly where their lone workers are whenever they need assistance.

The RSP-100 is fully compliant with the British Standard 8484 Code of Practice a key specification of which is that a person carrying a lone worker protection device should be able to be located within 10 metres.

Simple, over the air commands are used to configure the device, providing pre-programmable speed dial numbers and a rugged SOS alert button. One of the pre-allocated speed dial numbers, for example, allows lone workers to leave a recorded message when they arrive at an appointment. This message is safely stored on a server and can be quickly retrieved if the user is out of contact or if there is concern for his or her welfare.

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