GJD’s perimeter detection solutions for the digital age

GJD’s perimeter detection solutions for the digital age

The external perimeter protection industry is continuously evolving to meet dynamic security requirements. GJD, a world leading British security manufacturer of external detector equipment and LED illuminators has quickly adapted to the digital era by creating advanced IP and digital solutions.

GJD has recently announced its D-TECT IP range, being suitable for both big and small security projects. The advanced intruder sensing technology includes PIR, microwave and anti-masking. Such reliable sensors coupled with IP connectivity makes GJD’s IP range of detectors well suited for intruder monitoring, CCTV surveillance and other alarm warning requirements.

Key benefits include increased detector alignment and set up options, genuine alarm capture and exceptional resistance to false or ‘nuisance’ alarms. Another major benefit is remote diagnostic control of the perimeter boundary detection systems.

Mark Tibbenham, GJD’s Managing Director commented:

“Our new D-TECT IP detectors provide real-time remote access to enable remote monitoring and programming from anywhere and at any time”.

The D-TECT IP range integrates with third party VMS providers and CCTV systems. Bosch VMS, Milestone Xprotect, Mirasys, SeeTec Enterprise and Probox are to name a few of the supported VMS software providers. Supported cameras for direct control include Axis, Bosch, Ernitec, Hikvision and Sony. Others will soon be added.

All of the IP detectors use Power over Ethernet connectivity providing powerful security solutions, which enable cameras to be instantly directed to the location of intrusion; whilst security personnel are alerted with detailed alarm information.

Also offering flexible monitoring, the detectors can be adjusted to suit different customer requirements including adjustable field of view, which helps avoid boundary overspill, saving both energy and costs.

For more information please email info@gjd.co.uk or call +44 (0) 1706 363 998.

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