Global Alliance founded to advance all security risk management

GSRMA announces its formation to lead the security risk discussion of our time…

As global businesses face a burgeoning threat landscape, maintaining enterprise security and risk management presents evolving challenges. Founders of the Global Security Risk Management Alliance (GSRMA) have realised the pressing need for new thought leadership and clarity. Driven by technologies such as cloud computing, adoption of digital and social media, rapid geo-political shifts, and new regulatory environments, businesses have entered 2015 facing significant and serious macro risks that challenge their ability to compete in a global environment. Security risk management has a stake in all these threats and more. Unfortunately, many organisations lack an effective security strategy to address this changing environment.
The evolving mixture of threats suggests that the distinction between “traditional and logical” security grows less clear every day and adhering to it, may, in fact, prevent effective risk management and mitigation. Ray O’Hara, co-founder and president of the GSRMA adds, “widespread adoption of unified security strategies is missing, as are the systemic and practical application of risk principles that promise to provide more effective and efficient protection programs”.
GSRMA founding members bring global security leadership and an understanding of the need for a disruption of the old security models. Worldwide, organisations are anxious for the next generation security model to assure a better management of security related risk and contribution to the organization’s success and even profitability. Help develop and benefit from the next phase of Security Risk Management. To get involved in building a better, more secure world… connect with the GSRMA at engage(at)gsrma(dot)net, the website of or by calling Jeff Spivey at 704-521-8401

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