HDCCTV technology shows its strength at ISC West exhibition

HDCCTV technology showed a big step forward during the ISC West show in Las Vegas this week. That’s according to Martijn Kolenbrander, founder of hdcctvmagazine.com.

HDCCTV stands for High-Definition Closed Circuit Television. It is an open industrial standard for transmitting high-definition television signal uncompressed and without being encapsulated in TCP/IP.

Kolenbrander says only one or two companies were showing HDCCTV equipment at last year’s ISC West but this year there were around 50 companies either showing or announcing devices or systems.

HDCCTV seminars organised by the HDcctv Alliance enjoyed healthy attendance as well, Kolenbrander said. There were two sets of seminars: sales training and retrofitting.

Sales training concentrated on how to position HDCCTV against IP megapixel cameras. The HDcctv Alliance argues that HDCCTV is easy to install using existing analogue cabling and that the cameras generally perform better than IP megapixel units.

Retrofitting was aimed at installers and integrators who want to get to grips with the technology. Kolenbrander says that for technicians trained in coaxial analogue camera installation, HDCCTV is easy to grasp. “You can take all those old analogue cameras and swap them for HDCCTV cameras,” he said. “Use the same cabling and you get HD quality images, so you don’t have to buy expensive IP cameras that don’t perform well at night.”

HDcctv Alliance members that were showing products at ISC West included: AltaSens’ image sensors, BlueCaps connectors, Clinton Electronics, Comart System’s, CSST, Pixim, Speco and Stretch.

The HDcctv Alliance is forecasting a market share of 10% for HDCCTV products and solutions by 2014.

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