Head of ICTS addressing ‘The Effective Use of Canines in the Aviation Space’ at CTX

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ICTS on Stand E 39

ICTS is proud to be a major participant in this 3rd consecutive year of Counter Terror Expo at London’s Olympia.

Head of DiagNose ICTS Specialist Canine Services in the UK John Franklin-Webb will be addressing one of the workshops on day two on ‘The Effective Use of Canines in the Aviation Space’.

Comments John Franklin-Webb “The threat worldwide to air cargo has never been greater and we at ICTS are actively researching and developing the deployment of canines in this arena which will be a vital way forward in securing an improved safety regime. We recognise the importance of agreeing essential qualifications, standards and protocols in developing further the use of canines to detect explosives in cargo and airports around the world. The level of understanding of the aviation security sector by ICTS teams is based on 25 years of experience. It is this that ensures the delivery is practical, workable and above all effective”

As in previous years, DiagNose ICTS is supporting the event through the provision of specialist canine services for explosives detection. Pre-event, ICTS explosive search dogs will patrol and search the exhibition halls, whilst providing an invaluable extra layer of security throughout the event. The DiagNose ICTS service delivers both canine counter terrorism solutions, drug prevention and detection and high profile general purpose dogs, focused on deterring theft and criminal damage.

In contrast, Chris Austen, Executive Chairman of Maritime & Underwater Security Consultants (MUSC) part of ICTS Europe will be speaking also on day two at the CTX Conference presenting the challenges for maritime security working in Iraq on coastal and maritime UXO clearance operations. Contracted by the Iraqi state oil company to clear the seabed of ordnance in preparation for the installation of new oil pipelines, offshore structures; MUSC has built a base camp on the Iraqi coast and deployed survey and EOD diving teams, ships and hovercraft for this task. Chris Austen’s presentation provides an overview of his exploits and the equipment, procedures, security and logistics support required for this operation, including onshore and offshore security.

ICTS intends to showcase its integrated security solution offering at Stand E39 through an appropriate combination of cutting edge technology, highly trained manpower, and specialist canine operations, ICTS provides bespoke solutions to customers operating in high risk, high profile environments including aviation, maritime, and general security services.


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