Heald’s HT1-VIPER roadblocker secures wider gates from hostile vehicle attacks

Cobalt installs Insight200M Liquid Explosive Detection Systems

Heald HT1-VIPER roadblocker
Heald HT1-VIPER roadblocker

The Heald HT1-VIPER shallow mounted Roadblocker has been designed for use in areas where deep excavation is not possible.

Successfully tested to the new BSI PAS68: 2010 with N3 vehicle type @ 80KPH, resulted in zero penetration and was fully operational after impact.

Manufactured from heavy duty steel plate, to evenly distribute impact energy.

Shallow mounted @ 350mm depth, with total excavation of 400mm, raised height of the blocking element is 1050mm, thus giving a formidable defence against hostile vehicle attack.

Specially designed linkage bars ensure the hydraulics remain protected in crash situations

Raise height       1050mm

Depth of unit     350mm

Total depth of excavation            400mm

Width   3000mm (2995mm actual), alternative widths available.

•             Very shallow mount Roadblocker 400mm excavation depth.

•             Revolutionary installation technique ensures quick, easy, cost effective fitting.

•             Supplied with rebar attached and ready for fitting if required.

•             Does not require pre-cast pit.

•             Supplied with special leveling feet for ease of fitting.

•             Designed for low maintenance, very easy to maintain.

•             Skirt is very easy to change / remove for maintenance purposes (2 x Fixing bolts to remove for easy access to skirt).

•             Unlike other shallow mount blockers, ours is designed to have one single, central hydraulic ram. Most others require two.

•             Heavy duty construction.

•             Designed to incorporate absorbing section across front of blocking element.

•             Raises through 45 degrees.

•             Our Shallow Mount Roadblocker is supplied with specially designed linkage bars which make our blockers comparatively quieter in operation.


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