Hikvision adds network bullet cameras


Hikvision, an IoT solution provider with video as its core competency, recently announced the launch of a new addition to its signature AI-based DeepinView network camera range – the 4MP vari-focal bullet camera (iDS-2CD7A45G0-IZ(H)S(Y)). It is the first camera in the DeepinView range to incorporate 25x optical zoom capability which allows customers to monitor large spaces more cost-effectively than before. This makes it ideal for transportation hubs like airports and railway stations, highways and stadiums, as well as industrial settings like steel mills and chemical plants.

“When we were meeting with our customers, we found that there are places where security is paramount but without the appropriate environments to install several cameras. That is always the case for open areas, for example airports and ports, and heavy industries like steel manufacturing, because power supply and network connectivity cannot be stretched to every corner of the facility,” said Rogers Gan, Product Manager for Network Cameras at Hikvision, “A camera that covers wider spaces and longer distances can solve this issue, providing the security necessary, even across large distances.”

Why 25x optical zoom makes a big difference

Featuring a 4.7 -118 mm focal lens and 25x optical zoom, the camera is able to capture targets with clear images from a distance. This gives customers a number of benefits.

– Saving on overall expenditure and maintenance costs. One camera can cover large spaces that would otherwise need several cameras to do the job. This also delivers cost savings in the future, as customers only need to pay maintenance costs for ‘one’ camera.

– Improving facility protection and employee safety. Places like steel mills and metal production plants generate extremely high temperatures. That means to secure the key areas, cameras need to be deployed from a safe distance. An HD security camera with 25x zoom ensures quality footage can still be captured from a farther but safe operating environment.

– Boosting security with strengthened target identification. The ultra-long focal length coupled with 4MP resolution enables images to be captured in detail. Employed with Deep Learning algorithms, the camera is able to meet more advanced security needs including perimeter protection, facial recognition, and multi-target-type recognition for people and vehicles.

Reliable outdoor operations in severe weather

The camera is reliable in extremely-cold weathers thanks to a built-in window heater to protect the lens from snow or ice. The window heater also prevents fogging on the lens in case of sudden temperature shifts. In this way, customers can always get crystal-clear pictures in harsh environments, and this is particularly useful for outdoor places like airports, harbors, forests and much more.


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