Hikvision new Stealth edition finishes elevate 2024 camera lineup


Hikvision, a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of security products and solutions that deliver the ideal combination of high performance and extreme value, expands its camera lineup with the addition of new Stealth Edition Cameras featuring black housings. The new cameras combine high aesthetics with an assortment of innovative features like 24/7 full color with ColorVu and AI human and vehicle detection with AcuSense.


“Hikvision is pleased to unveil new Stealth Edition Cameras to celebrate the New Year. These cameras feature sleek black finishes that pair aesthetics with innovation, such as groundbreaking AI video technology,” said John Xiao, Hikvision Vice President of Marketing. “Highly anticipated additions to the Stealth Models include the 8 MP Panoramic ColorVu Bullet and the 8 MP ColorVu Strobe Light and Audible Warning Turret, bringing panoramic views and real-time alerts paired with our ColorVu technology, all in sleek black finishes.”


What’s striking about these cameras isn’t just their sleek new black finishes but the seamless integration they offer for diverse applications and environments, like commercial buildings, residences, or other applications. With the introduction of several new Stealth Edition Cameras in Q1 of 2024, Hikvision leads the industry with a total of 22 camera SKUs featuring stealth finishes, pairing aesthetics with high-performance technologies like panoramic views, AcuSense, and ColorVu.


Stealth Edition 4 MP AcuSense Dome and 8 MP Cameras deliver high-quality resolution, guaranteeing crystal-clear and detailed visuals. Powered by DarkFighter technology, their exceptional low-light performance ensures top-quality footage, even in challenging lighting conditions. Human and vehicle target classification with AcuSense deep learning heightens accuracy and minimizes false alarms. The advanced streaming technology ensures smooth live views, even in poor network conditions. Resilient against water, dust and vandalism, these models are well-suited for various environments, making them an ideal choice for robust and reliable video security.


Stealth Edition 4 MP ColorVu Fixed Dome Network Cameras deliver vibrant and colorful imaging, ensuring every detail is captured precisely, even at night. ColorVu technology ensures 24/7 colorful imaging capabilities with 24/7 clarity, making them an invaluable asset for continuous monitoring of key details like vehicle color and suspect clothing color. The built-in microphone allows for real-time audio security, and with audio and alarm interface availability, users can customize their setup according to specific application needs.


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