Hikvision’s High-end Quality and Variety Make a Difference in Malaysia

The global economy is currently facing a number of challenges…

The global economy is currently facing a number of challenges – this should come as little surprise to anyone. As such, the onus on many companies to look for a competitive business edge is greater than ever.

Maureen Khoo, Project Manager at IS Solutions and Consultancy Sdn Bhd in Malaysia (the company responsible for this security project) found this very edge in Hikvision products. Ms. Khoo explained: “Chinese products have a reputation for focusing on low cost, yet Hikvision solutions are very different. Hikvision offers us, and our customers, what we are looking for: high-end solutions.”

Prince of Wales Island International School

Prince of Wales Island International School provided just such an opportunity for a comprehensive high-end Hikvision solution. 


This international school offers many things: a British-based secondary education, full dormitory accommodations, and a large campus that rivals many international schools. With the many amenities Prince of Wales Island International School already provides their pupils, school administrators were keen to add a comprehensive security solution to the package.


In situations like this, Ms. Khoo has found a unique solution, “Often our customers are familiar with the concept of a CCTV system.  Normally, they are primarily concerned with price, but with Hikvision technology, we can show them the difference in performance.”


Ms. Khoo does so by a system of customer product awareness. “In Malaysia, it is very important for the customer to see, with their own eyes, how Hikvision benefits them. For us, first loaning the equipment to the customer is vital. This shows them firsthand. After, they can decide what they want, and they generally see the difference and performance that Hikvision adds.”

An All-Around Hikvision School Solution: Cameras

With a campus as large as this, the practicability of guards securing the grounds by simply walking is not possible. As such, Ms. Khoo utilizes a number of different Hikvision camera models to provide an overall blanket of observation.


In outdoor areas, Ms. Khoo selected Hikvision’s DS-2AF1-517-B 36x WDR Speed Dome to provide eyes on areas where feet couldn’t. Ms. Khoo noted, “Placed outside in the general campus, this camera offers what we need to secure the common areas. We are able to utilize the flexibility of this unit, and the ability to rotate, adjust and immediately zoom in on objects. Regardless of the time of day, this gives us a very detailed picture of who, or what, we are looking at. Additionally, the ability of Hikvision’s WDR technology guarantees unprecedented image quality – in varying lighting situations – to meet this school’s security needs.” The DS-2AF1-517B 36x WDR achieves this through features such as a 1/4’’ SONY high performance CCD, 3D intelligent positioning function, and a proportional zoom function, among others.


Hikvision’s DS-2CC195P-A High Definition & Low Light Box Camera also provides added eyes in the sky. Again, the aspect of operating in minimal lighting was very important. This is provided by a minimum illumination of 0.02Lux @ F1.2 (Color), 0.002 Lux @ F1.2 (B/W) and IR cut filter with auto switch which “gives us the ability to see in both day and night in color, but in black and white if desired,” Ms. Khoo explained. 


Rounding out the camera aspect of this solution is the DS-2CC575P(N)-A High Definition & Low light Dome Camera and the DS-2CC577P(N)-A High Definition & WDR Dome Camera. Sharing common features such as a compact design, 1/3” Sony CCD, IR cut filter auto switch, digital noise reduction, and a 2.8~11mm auto iris lens, these two Hikvision models form a tag-team of surveillance protection throughout the school. 


With over 150 units between these two models on campus, they secure both general and niche-type areas. Residing both indoors and outdoors, “they are great because with high definition, we are really able to identify who exactly is at a specific location – regardless of area,” Ms. Khoo related.


While camera placement is an important issue because direct sunlight can diminish the quality of the picture, both of these cameras excel based on the fact that they only require a minimum of light to function. This, combined with a high definition picture, ensures that security personnel always have an excellent view of who is entering, or leaving, a facility.

The Control Room

Attaching these many Hikvision cameras into a central control room is the DS-9016HFI-SH Embedded Hybrid DVR. This DVR was integral to the overall solution, as Ms. Khoo related: “This is the highest level DVR and it is the brain of everything we do, security-wise. We absolutely could not compromise on the quality of the DVR we chose, so we decided upon the 

DS-9016HFI-SH. Like most DVRs, the DS-9016HFI-SH offers the ability to record, and view, in real-time – but in both analog and IP.  On top of this, with hybrid DVRs, it is a very simple process to add additional network cameras onto this solution – all of which is very important in a school setting.


Additionally, supporting up to 8 SATA hard disk drives, and up to 2TB each, has given the school “the ability to easily store HD video and quickly retrieve it. This cannot be understated. Most local manufactures cannot come close to matching Hikvision’s storage space,” Ms. Khoo added.


Complementing this DVR as both an efficiency measure, and a tool to improve security productivity, is the DS-6308DI Decoder Server.


Ms. Khoo related that she “relied on Hikvision’s expertise in providing a unique security solution that fit our individual needs.” One of these needs was to boost the capacity of the number of camera able to reach the guard house. Experience taught Ms. Khoo that forcing guards to look at pictures jumping every six seconds was not conducive to spotting potential problems. The DS-6308DI resolved this issue by allowing guards the ability to simultaneously view eight individual cameras on a 22-inch screen.


Additionally, if there is a power failure to the school – which periodically happens in Malaysia – the DS-6308DI will automatically reboot the security system with the programmed security settings. This saves the school and the security provider the trouble and inefficiency of reprogramming everything after each power outage. 


This server boasts high-performance hardware decoding and standard H.264/MPEG4 video codec, and is compatible with Hikvision DVR and Network cameras; offering up to 720p resolution decoding, as well as VGA and composite output simultaneously.


Finally, rounding out this solution was Hikvision’s DS-1100KI Network Keyboard. On an aesthetic note, Ms. Khoo notes “not only does this keyboard improve functionality, it also looks really cool. Often, it is the little things such as this that provide an intrinsic motivation to security personnel.” Features such as 7” TFT touch screen at 800×480 resolution, and speed dome, video decoder & DVR control provide both.


From high technology to aesthetics: Hikvision ensures facilities such as the Prince of Wales Island International School a quality comprehensive solution that promises both efficiency and safety.





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