Home Office approves SERIR, the electronic detection system from Betafence

Betafence SERIR on high security fencing
Betafence SERIR on high security fencing

Electronic fence-mounted SERIR now eligible for prison use and other high security applications.

SERIR, an electronic detection system, developed by perimeter protection specialists Betafence, has passed stringent Home Office testing, making it eligible for prison, mental health institution and other high security applications.

SERIR, a fence mounted sensor system which provides early warning of intruders or threats, underwent an arduous five month false alarm monitoring assessment by NOMS (National Offender Management Services).  During the evaluation period, it was scrutinised for its ability to maintain precision – even in high winds and heavy rainfall.

The NOMS testing proved SERIR is immune to any environmental nuisances, climbing vegetation, electromagnetic noises and radiofrequency emissions.

The SERIR system, which is CCTV compatible, incorporates the latest piezodynamic technology.  This uses lightweight ceramic wafers and solid state circuitry to give superior efficiency, maximum reliability and detection capability even under severe conditions.

Besides “traditional” attempts to breach a fence panel – cutting, breaking or climbing,  SERIR is also able to detect “sporadic cutting” a more sophisticated intrusion technique where a hole is created in the fence by making small cuts over time.

John Osborne, Betafence UK Sales Manager, said: “The Home Office approval of SERIR is great news and enables us to expand our wide range of perimeter protection systems so that we can find a solution to meet the specific requirements of any site.

“SERIR’s development was inspired by customer demand and shaped by our in-depth understanding of the present and likely future requirements of perimeter protection systems.  It is an extraordinarily sensitive yet robust and reliable product which will enhance security in the most demanding of situations.”

Unlike linear sensor systems, any damage or tampering of one SERIR sensor does not compromise the functionality of other sensors in the string.

SERIR is easy to install on any type of fence or gate – welded mesh or chain link – provided that it is in good condition and taut.  It is suitable for a wide range of applications including prisons; mental health institutions; airports; harbours;  military facilities; international borderlines; nuclear plants; water, electric and energy infrastructure facilities; train stations and data centres.

Other advantages of SERIR include:
Reliability: each detector “covers” its own area, avoiding the accumulation of background noises or environmental nuisances, often a problem with linear sensors.

Easy installation: the installation of the sensor string consists of fixing each sensor to the fence by using the bolt and the tightening plate. A special locking cap covers the bolt and prevents it from being unscrewed.

User-friendly: the components, the piezodynamic technology and the quality of the electronic boards guarantee constant functioning, without routine maintenance service by the technical installer.  Recovery of the system in case of damage of a detector or a cable section is very easy.

Conformity: all the products comply with the EMC directive 89/336 (EEC). The tests have been carried out at IMQ (Italian Quality Mark Institute).

The SERIR sensors are supplied as prewired strings so a perimeter can be split into 50 meter-zones; making the system CCTV compatible.

The SERIR sensor’s sensitive element is completely sealed with epoxy and protected by a housing resistant to U.V. rays and to temperatures between -25° and +70° C.

For more information on SERIR, a full technical specification and how it could help with your project contact +44 (0)870 120 3252 or sales.sheffield@betafence.com

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