iB Management Solutions and Progress DMS announce partnership

iB Management Solutions
iB Management Solutions

iB Management Solutions partners with Progress DMS to help car dealerships tighten car security and improve customer service

iB Management Solutions, the premier provider of eTag electronic key management systems for automotive dealerships and Progress DMS, the dealer management systems provider, today announced that they have formalised a partnership agreement.

The announcement follows integration of iB’s eTag with Progress’ WorkShop Pro workshop control software.  WorkShop Pro is already used by a many dealership groups to record, control and monitor customer contact, allowing any user to see the current status of any given service vehicle, as well as check previous service records.   iB’s eTag system now manages and protects the keys of more than two million cars in the UK.

Progress DMS’ integration with eTag gives immediate benefits to customers in that it enables dealership service staff to see which secure cabinet every service key is in and where the corresponding car is located around the parking bays or in the workshop itself.  Providing up-to-date information on the movement of all keys from any secure PC also enables front desk staff to easily inform the customer where to locate his or her car following a service.

Paul Smith, managing director, iB Management Systems, said: “This partnership makes absolute sense from our point of view and benefits our customers. Both iB and Progress DMS have a shared vision of bringing more information to sales and servicing staff in dealers so they can offer customers a better experience in dealerships or when communicating with the dealership about their vehicle.”

iB’s eTag has been implemented widely in many of the same dealership groups as Progress DMS including a significant portion of the UK Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Sytner Group and Porsche Retail Group dealership estates.

Paul Smith of iB added: “iB is very aligned with Progress in terms of our goals of building IP-based systems designed to help dealerships serve customers better while increasing sales opportunities.”

Logan Naidoo, sales director, Progress DMS, added: “There have been clear customer benefits from integrating eTag with WorkShop Pro. We will now look at its integration with other modules of our DMS and work together on some joint sales and marketing campaigns later this year.”

About iB Management Solutions
iB Management Solutions is an expert provider of end-to-end key management solutions and other systems for automotive dealerships.  iB Management Solutions’ eTag Key Management System offers networked key management solutions to 40 per cent of the Mercedes-Benz network and 30 per cent of the BMW network in the UK. Customers include Porsche Retail Group, Mercedes-Benz Retail, BMW Park Lane, Essex Auto Group and Sytner Group. iB is also an expert provider of CIAS (Cencon Automation IVR Solution) to security companies such as Sunwin Cash Processing. CIAS provides an automated telephone interactive voice response (IVR) service to security companies who need to distribute ATM lock codes to their crews in order to replenish and service ATMs.  For more information, visit www.ibmanagementsolutions.co.uk

About Progress DMS
Our solutions deliver real and measurable results; providing more functionality, cutting costs, increasing revenue and improving customer retention.  Dealers who are serious about improving their bottom line use Progress and our dealers include Porsche, Audi, BMW, VAG, Vauxhall, Mercedes-Benz Land Rover and many major groups such as Sytner Group, Lookers, Inchcape and H.R. Owen.  Our systems aren’t just for franchised dealers and increasingly smaller groups and independent dealers are realising the same benefits as our larger customers.  Over the past two years the excellence of our solutions have gathered industry recognition with nominations in both the AM and Motor Trader Awards.

Progress DMS supplies systems and services to retail motor groups such as Inchcape, Sytner Group, Mon Motors, Alan Day, H.R. Owen and Lookers and our services are used across major franchises including Volkswagen, Vauxhall, Ferrari, Bentley, Lamborghini, Lexus, Maserati, Nissan, Porsche, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Land Rover, Renault, Toyota, Saab, Porsche and Audi.

Contact iB Management Solutions
Paul Smith, Managing Director
0845 2255183

Contact Progress DMS
Logan Naidoo, Sales Director
0845 2459305

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