iB Management Solutions CIAS allows ATM operators to distribute codes from multiple lock vendors

iB Management Solutions
iB Management Solutions

iB Management Solutions CIAS (Cencon IVR Automation System) already makes it simple for ATM operators to centralise and automate distribution of Kaba Mas Cencon one-time open and close codes to field-based ATM replenishment and maintenance crews. CIAS has now been expanded to provide the same functionality for other lock estates such as Sargent and Greenleaf A-Series ATM locks.

iB Management Solutions, a security technology specialist, has expanded the functionality of its CIAS solution to work across lock estates from multiple vendors, in parallel from the same system.

ATM lock codes are used by field-based employees to open and close ATM safes in order to replenish cash stocks and maintain ATMs.  This new, extended CIAS solution is the first in the UK to allow ATM operators to distribute codes from multiple leading ATM lock vendors, helping operators to centralise operations, manage ATM estates more effectively and prevent the need for duplicate systems.

CIAS works with Kaba Mas Cencon and Sargent and Greenleaf Locks to offer security companies a highly scalable automated telephony solution for distributing unique ‘One Time Combination’ (OTC) or ‘One Time Use’ (OTU) open and close codes for crews.

Using CIAS, security employees dial into the interactive voice recognition (IVR) system, and once authorised, they are provided with the required time-limited ATM access codes.  For both Kaba Mas and Sargent and Greenleaf locks, to access an ATM the crew member has to place an electronic smart key on the lock’s key reader and then enter the unique OTC/OTU opening code.  To close the safe, the crew member keys in a unique ‘close seal’ code. All codes can only be used with a particular key for a specific timed safe opening.

The CIAS solution also supports front line maintenance (FLM) personnel working in ‘service mode’ to distribute service codes where a maintenance engineer requires one-off access to a safe requiring repair.  It also incorporates a route management system to provide security guards with access to a series of locks without contacting their dispatch centre between each opening.

CIAS is already being used by leading ATM operators to automatically generate ATM lock codes and distribute the codes through the IVR system to field-based employees.  Using CIAS eliminates the need for manned call centres to reduce cost and ensure a robust, efficient code distribution service – 24 hours a day.

Paul Smith, managing director, iB Management Solutions, commented:

“The expansion to accommodate multiple lock vendor code generation to our CIAS solution will help ATM operators who are managing mixed ATM estates.  By using CIAS, ATM operators can eliminate IVR system duplication associated with multiple lock code generation software.

“We believe CIAS is the clear solution for any ATM operator looking to gain efficiencies in distributing ATM lock codes to their field-based staff as CIAS automates the entire process and deliver the required codes to authorised users at the right time.  The addition of Sargent and Greenleaf to our solution ensures we cover the majority of ATM locks used in the UK.”

About iB Management Solutions
iB Management Solutions is an expert provider of end-to-end key management solutions and other systems for automotive dealerships.  iB Management Solutions’ eTag Key Management System offers networked key management solutions to 40 per cent of the Mercedes-Benz network and 30 per cent of the BMW network in the UK. Customers include Porsche Retail Group, Mercedes-Benz Retail, BMW Park Lane, Essex Auto Group and Sytner Group. iB is also an expert provider of CIAS (Cencon Automation IVR Solution) to security companies such as Sunwin Cash Processing. CIAS provides an automated telephone interactive voice response (IVR) service to security companies who need to distribute ATM lock codes to their crews in order to replenish and service ATMs.  For more information, visit www.ibmanagementsolutions.co.uk

Paul Smith, Managing Director, iB Management Solutions Limited
0845 2255183

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