IndigoVision launches new software for coordination of situation response

IndigoVision - Intelligent Alarm Handling
IndigoVision - Intelligent Alarm Handling

IndigoVision today announces new software to coordinate responses between agencies and operatives with pervasive real time video. The system automatically validates incoming data to verify critical events, escalating video for management of the situation to personnel in other locations and ensuring an appropriate response. Operatives are provided with both real time and recorded video, giving them the ‘eyes and ears everywhere’ to optimally assess the situation.

IndigoVision’s SMS4 release 3 starts with the qualification of incoming data to filter out false alerts so personnel can focus on likely threats. The system also lets you embed prior intelligence by noting the sequence and combination of events that may constitute a situation. Qualified alerts that are not assessed within a certain time period are then automatically passed along a chain of operators, accompanied by real time contextual video, to guarantee a swift response. Events that are identified as priority get automatically escalated to higher levels of authority and/or agencies in other locations.

SMS4 release 3 also supports the automatic expansion of the ’threat zone’ if the initial situation is not handled within a certain time. For example, if a perimeter breach is not addressed quickly, then nearby buildings are automatically placed into alert.

The new analytics added to this latest release allow operators to filter situational data by location, zone or incident criteria to better understand how events unfolded. Automatic scheduling of actions based upon time of day and other criteria can also be developed into ‘routine scenarios’, which will receive an automated but intelligent response.

Another new feature is the addition of ‘audio forensics’, which greatly improves investigators’ abilities to locate critical evidence fast. The addition of audible data such as a breaking window to existing video forensics can aid police officers and other emergency personnel to get straight to the action.

SMS4 release 3 is the latest evolution of IndigoVision’s leading edge security management software.  With enhanced capabilities for managing multi-agency situations through pervasive access to video, SMS4 release 3 empowers its users to greatly increase their response time and accuracy.

Existing users can upgrade to SMS4 r3 through IndigoVision’s Software Upgrade Program (SUP).

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