IndigoVision OPC release Intergration Module v2.0

IndigoVision OPC
IndigoVision OPC

IndigoVision, leading manufacturer of security management systems, has released an update to its OPC Data Access Server Integration Module, allowing communication from IndigoVision’s SMS4TM system to OPC compliant clients.

OPC is a series of standards specifications for allowing open interoperability amongst industrial automation and process control systems such as building and alarm management systems.

IndigoVision’s updated OPC Data Access Server Integration Module v2.0 forms part of its OPC Integration Suite, which allows events and alarms from OPC compliant clients such as SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) or BMS (Building Management Systems) to be transmitted to and from IndigoVision’s own SMS4TM system.

The updated OPC Data Access Server Integration Module controls the transfer of events and alarms from SMS4TM into these third party industrial control systems, alerting them in real-time when the IndigoVision system reports an alarm or when detector devices, analytics, fault or third party alarm sources are triggered or restored.

This integration has already been successfully implemented in large scale industrial power utilities, allowing events such as opened doors or network/video loss to be escalated and processed by SCADA / BMS operators.

John Semple, Head of Product Management at IndigoVision, explained: “This integration with IndigoVision SMS4 TM provides a tightly integrated solution allowing management of events by the appropriate personnel, and ensuring operational efficiency.”

The IndigoVision OPC Integration Module is compatible with any third party building, process, access or alarm field controller with an OPC interface and can be installed on any networked PC. Powerful and flexible configuration is carried out through an easy to use interface.


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