IndigoVisions Arctic PTZ handles sub zero temperatures

Arctic PTZ
Arctic PTZ

Even the coldest, most remote and inhospitable regions need reliable surveillance coverage. IndigoVision’s latest camera, the Arctic PTZ, will cope with the most challenging environments users can find for it, able to operate in temperatures as low as -50oC / -58oF.

The new Arctic PTZ provides users with a robust and reliable solution for monitoring outdoor locations in extreme conditions, without having to compromise on the unique IndigoVision features that they are familiar with. It has been designed with all the benefits of IndigoVision’s general range of PTZ cameras, with no compromise in use. Standard and High Definition versions are both available and work seamlessly with SMS4TM, IndigoVision’s Security Management System.

Using cameras in remote locations means managing the transfer of data over long distances, often using low-bandwidth infrastructure. IndigoVision PTZ cameras deliver excellent image quality at very low bandwidths and low latency ensures that operators have full control of the camera at all times.

The Arctic version is available on both the 9000 and 11000 PTZ camera ranges with a choice of zoom levels to suit your application, allowing operators to zoom in and identify fine detail – for example, to read licence plates or for face recognition.

The amount of storage required is significantly reduced compared to other IP video cameras because of IndigoVision’s advanced H.264 compression technology and the use of the unique Activity Controlled Framerate (ACF) feature, which is built into the cameras. ACF controls the framerate of the video stream based on the amount of motion in the scene. When there is no activity video is streamed at minimal framerate, the instant any motion is detected video is simultaneously transmitted at maximum configured framerate. Both HD and standard definition cameras operate seamlessly on the same network, providing end-users with a truly flexible solution and a wide spectrum of IP camera price/performance from which to choose.


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