Instek Digital to present its data storage solution ‘Always a Backup’ at Intersec 2012

Instek Digital presents 'Always a Backup' at Intersec
Instek Digital presents 'Always a Backup' at Intersec

Instek Digital thinks it has the answer for enterprise security managers with high demand for video data redundancy.

Talking at INTERSEC Dubai 2012, Instek will  present its ‘Always a Backup’ solution for managing failover, archiving and data restoration.

According to the company, Instek Digital’s ‘Always a Backup’ Solution features:

MatriVideo™ NVR Failover
For organizations maintaining a surveillance system downtime means loss of business data, wasted resources and exposed liability and security threats. Servers are bound to fail due to hard-drive, power supply or a chipset malfunction means that security systems need a contingency plans. Instek Digital’s MatriVideo™ NVRs are specially designed to support failover. By using MatriVideo™ NVRs and implementing failover architecture – administrators can maximize their surveillance system’s uptime.

MatriVideo™ Archive Server
Designed to be an additional safeguard for protecting vital video data that needs to be reserved for indefinite storage periods – the MatriVideo™ Archive Server allows remote video data archival of multiple camera sources and from any number video recorder in any location. Allowing users to ‘Always have a Backup’ of important video data.

Video Reclaim
In collaboration with Vivotek – Instek Digital introduces the first automated redundancy solution using IP-camera’s onboard storage. The integration of Vivotek’s Seamless Recording and Instek Digital’s Video Reclaim feature has created the next generation of fault tolerance.

MatriVideo™ USB DOM
The powerful NVR software has been embedded onto a USB DOM – which transfers a standard PC or notebook into a reliable video recorder. Because the software is built around a customized Linux OS and running directly from the USB DOM – it minimizes virus attacks and eliminates single point of failure due to HDD malfunction.

Besides our ‘Always a Backup’ Solution – we will demonstrate our flagship products from our MatriVideo™ product-line including:

MatriVideo™ Enterprise NVR
With high video resolution capabilities, integrated mass storage and hybrid camera flexibility – MatriVideo™ NVRs are designed for the dynamic needs for today’s digital video surveillance market. As an open platform system – MatriVideo™ NVR supports most market available surveillance cameras.

MatriVideo™ Command Center
Instek Digital MatriVideo™ state-of-the-art video management system accesses any number of cameras, video recorders and archive servers. In addition it provides comprehensive – yet user-friendly monitoring and management functionalities from four monitors. Embedded with the video intelligence software & thumbnail previews – the MatriVideo™ Command Center offers the most extended video search tools available in the market today.

MatriVideo™ C2 Retail NVR
The MatriVideo™ C2 Retail NVR has been designed for the distinctive needs of distributed enterprise installations with centralized management. Each NVR can support up to 16 IP-camera’s and has two swappable hard-drives with a total of 6TB internal storage. Multiple MatriVideo™ C2 Retail NVRs can be connected via a network to allow both on-site and off-site management. With the cost effective pricing – this system can be installed at multiple locations – making it the ideal NVR for today’s distributed retail business model.


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