Introducing’s regional representative has an official representative in the United Arab Emirates to help companies reap the rewards from this evolving regional market. Meet Kerrie Dennis…

Kerrie Dennis with Thomas Carnevale , president and CEO of Sentry 360
Kerrie Dennis with Thomas Carnevale , president and CEO of Sentry 360

Kerrie Dennis, the new marketing and media consultant for, has lived and worked in the Middle East for a number of years and has in-depth knowledge of Middle East cultures and work practices.

Kerrie spent her early years growing up in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and has previously worked for one of the largest privately owned companies in the Eastern Province KSA. She possesses over 15 years in customer-focused roles across a variety of sectors.

“With so much activity going on across the Middle East it’s a pleasure to be representing and to be bringing proven media solutions, ranging from full video production to distribution of PR, to end users and security professionals throughout the Middle East,” said Kerrie.

The new consultant envisages being utilised to help companies to support each other and used for not only news, but as an information portal for its users. offers companies an information platform to promote messages – including product launches, industry solutions, case studies, deals, appointments and more – to security professionals throughout the region.

Linked to the powerful and respected domain name, the website contains news, features, case studies and product news exclusively for the Middle East market.

Companies can take advantage of a wide range of PR opportunities, up to and including video productions, the posting of press releases, taking banner advertisements or featuring in a Middle East specific slot on the SecurityNewsDesk eNewsletter.

To promote your brands and products, get in touch at

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