Invest to save – BoldNet IP alarm signalling

How do you maintain and improve your alarm signalling at the same time as reducing costs? A digital communicator is a relatively inexpensive item, but the ongoing signalling costs can be many times the price of the original digi and, for all that, it doesn’t even let you know whether you have a connection to your site. Managed communications networks provide a supervised link but costs can be excruciating. And with the unpredictable effects of British Telecom’s 21Century Network plans impacting soon, there couldn’t be a better time to think about the moving toward IP alarm signalling.


BoldNet is simple, reliable, highly secure, easily installed and already becoming extremely popular. Ideal for retro-fits or new sites, BoldNet will pay for itself quickly and improve your security. Public sector organisations, like Bradford Metropolitan District Council, have found that using the existing council IP Network infrastructure, alarms can actually be transmitted free of charge. An with signal encryption and line polling, the security of your alarm signalling is enhanced at the same time as you save money.

The majority of companies now already have an IP network in place – for sending emails or getting information off the web. Using this existing infrastructure to also transmit alarm data makes signalling and installation simpler. With no more waiting for dedicated analogue lines to be installed, and no more paying for them, companies are increasingly evaluating the figures and asking their installers to move towards IP. When replacing a digi with an IP transmitter, the initial investment can be recouped within the year and for more costly managed alarm networks, an IP transmitter should pay for itself within a few months.

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