Ipsotek announces integration with Genetec Security Center


Ipsotek announces the integration of their VISuite with Genetec’s Security Center to provide users with complete and comprehensive solutions from a unified security platform. The integration between Ipsotek’s VISuite with Security Center offers users a collection of tools to automatically detect and respond to suspicious events and abnormal behaviours in a live or forensic mode.  VISuite is characterized by a unique combination of hardware and software whose design simplifies an otherwise seemingly complex real world video analytics solution System Managers/Operators use VIConfig to configure alarms of specific behaviour and manage the systemwide functionalities offered by VISuite. VISuite’s business intelligence tool, VIZ can be used to visualize various preconfigured and customized statistics related to video analytics output. Alarms detected by VISuite are sent directly to Security Center in real time which grab the attention of the operators allowing them to make timely interventions.

VISuite, Ipsotek’s Video Content Analysis (VCA) solution, proactively uses video surveillance systems to identify predefined events and behaviour from live video using patented Scenario Based Detection (SBD) rule engine. SBD allows multiple behaviour detections to be applied simultaneously or in predefined sequences providing a detailed understanding of behaviour which dramatically reduces false alarms. Once these events or behaviours are identified, alerts are automatically sent to the operators. VISuite also serves as an efficient forensic and business intelligence tool. This means that investigators can later use smart search tools to access the appropriate section of video from hundreds of cameras instantly when locating events of specific type. VISuite’s business intelligence and reporting tool is available within Security Center thus allowing the operator to manage both the Video Management System (VMS) & video content analysis (VCA) and also any other integrated systems from the unified security platform.

VISuite’s integration with Security Center is achieved by using the Security Center SDK. Security Center timestamps all video frames for each of the configured live video cameras/channels. The integrated solution streams video in real time from cameras configured with in Security Center. Subsequently, VISuite analyses the video at a high frame rate on purpose built analytics hardware. VISuite detect alarms of pre configured behaviour and raises a linked alarm in Security Center. A simple configuration procedure allows the operator/user to configure and link alarms in both systems. The alarm linking is necessary for VISuite to report detected alarms to Security Center on a specific channel/video. The alarm video footage that the operator can view is 100% accurate without any time drifts in both systems as VISuite’s alarm reporting time and Security Center video recording time are the same. In other words, VIsuite uses the video frames timestamps during alarm reporting. VIsuite configuration and business intelligence tools are available within a custom task in Security Center. Using this custom task in Security Center, operators can manage several VISuite specific operations ranging from configuring cameras, presets, alarms schedules, conducting alarm escalations (actions) to configuring advanced conginitive filters that aim at reducing false alarm rate by analysing a history of acknowledged alarms. As specialists in video analytics, Ipsotek has also developed cutting edge technologies like Tag and Track (TNT) and Tracker++ which are designed to perform multi-camera tracking in real time, thanks to the highly reliable metadata (tracking, alarms) generated by VISuite. The multi camera tracking technologies can be deployed as powerful applications around the VISuite core technology.

“We are very pleased that Ipsotek integrated their video analytics VISuite with our unified platform, Security Center. The Security Center is securing worldwide installations in transportation, retail, city-wide surveillance and gaming. Today, more than ever, our customers are looking for innovative options to manage more efficiently their growing network of cameras” said Morgan Pasnon, Senior Technology Alliance Manager at Genetec.”

Senior R&D Engineer of Ipsotek, Sateesh Pedagadi said, “The ability to use video analytics with video management systems has always been an attractive choice in surveillance industry. With this integration, both Ipsotek and Genetec are offering a unified and simple solution to effectively manage large camera networks.  The expertise of teams in Ipsotek and Genetec is reflected in the design of a performance driven solution augmented by a feature rich front end. We aim to focus on a customer base that is common to both our companies.”


About Ipsotek

Ipsotek provides proven video analytics solutions with applications in both the commercial and public sectors. Typical solutions include perimeter protection (i-LIDS Primary Classification), intrusion detection, people and vehicle tracking (Award winning technology: Tag and Track), traffic management, compliance and operational efficiency and crowd management. Our solutions are effortlessly applied to the transportation, critical infrastructure and government, casino, retail, energy and construction market sectors. Unique to Ipsotek is our Scenario Based Detection approach which allows multiple behaviour detections to be applied simultaneously or in predefined sequences providing a detailed understanding of behaviour which dramatically reduces false alarms. 

Transform business through innovative use of video information with Ipsotek.

For more information please visit http://www.ipsotek.com 

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