JASK launches the Momentum global partner program

JASK the provider of the industry’s first Autonomous Security Operations Centre (ASOC) platform, has unveiled its JASK Momentum global partner program. The JASK Momentum program now features resources and benefits unlike any other in the industry, offering unprecedented tools and protection for JASK partners.
Building off of early successes since channel veteran Jessica Couto joined the company in October, JASK recruited 31 new partners and reached 83 new deal registrations in 2018. The enhancements to its partner program will encourage more rapid expansion in 2019 by ensuring partners have the tools and incentives they need to be successful.
“When looking for strategic partnerships, one consideration is whether those companies fill important gaps for our customers’ security infrastructure to ensure that their data is protected with the best products and solutions available,” said Steve Duncan, president of Cyber Watch Systems. “JASK’s ASOC platform goes above and beyond existing SIEM solutions today. It also helps our clients extract more value from other solutions they have already deployed. The icing on the cake is JASK’s partner program. The new selling tools and incentives keep us informed on the latest developments with the industry and with their technology and the incentives are ensuring we are profitable in our partnership.”
“JASK has always offered generous benefits and aimed to be easy to work with, but we’re furthering our commitment to our partners with new features that will ensure we’re protecting partners in deals regardless of the situation,” said Jessica Couto, vice president of worldwide channels at JASK. “It’s incredible to see the progress the team has made in just three months and we’re thrilled to be unveiling that hard work to partners as we launch the JASK Momentum program.”
Setting a new standard for partners, the JASK Momentum program introduces the following unique features to the industry:

  • Protected Status: When it comes to partner discount rates, partners can secure “protected” status when an opportunity was found by JASK, but the partner provided clear value with the opportunity by blocking competition, providing account intel or having contracts or procurement in place. Under protected status, the partner’s discount off of MSRP will be larger.
  • Rebates: Unique to the Momentum program, JASK has added rebates, providing registered partners with a powerful motivator and a tool that will help them close deals regardless of the situation with customer procurement.
  • Wishlist Rewards: A new, incentive-based program through Wishlist Rewards, this benefit is available to JASK resellers and allows them to earn rewards of their choice such as gift cards or experiences when they broker introductions.

Additional key partner benefits and updates to the JASK Momentum program include:

  • Sales and Support Incentives: Sales support including discounts, lead distribution and competitive intelligence to help partners engage, educate and enable their customers’ success.
  • Marketing: Access to sales and marketing tools to convert leads into won opportunities. From co-branded marketing overviews to joint webinar events and other demand generating activities, the JASK marketing team is designed around driving partner success.
  • Technical Sales and Training Certifications: In-depth technical training, available certifications and access to JASK’s team of security engineers help ensure partner teams are prepared and ready to take their customers beyond SIEM.
  • Deal Registration: Leading industry discounts and rebates on eligible new, renewal and upgrade opportunities. Partners should feel confident working with the JASK team that their customer relationships are secure and they are equipped to offer maximum value while growing their revenue.
  • MSSP Program: With global partners including Cyberseer and Secrutiny and U.S. partners including Dark Rhino along CyberWatch, JASK is providing autonomous security solutions that meet the standards of even the most astute partners. MSSP partners will receive training to provide Tier 1 and Tier 2 support to their customers, and direct access to JASK for Tier 3.
  • Enhanced Documentation and Communications: The new JASK Momentum partner portal will be packed with fresh content, including videos, presentations, whitepapers and more, all customized to the user based on their partner type. JASK will also share a monthly newsletter and monthly webinar to provide partners with timely updates and information.

“With successful deployments across mid and large enterprises, JASK is committed to building a world-class partner network and seamlessly integrating into existing customer environments to provide them with unprecedented context and visibility,” said Couto. “2019 is going to be an amazing year for our partners – both in solving a well-known SOC staffing issue with JASK for their customers and by being rewarded for their hard work.”

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