Jinan Airport becomes Airbus secure hybrid network user

Jinan Airport becomes Airbus secure

Airbus is to supply secure communications technology, including its notable communication and collaboration platform and application Tactilon Agnet, to simplify operations and provide extended network coverage

Airbus has been selected to provide Jinan airport with an array of mission critical products and solutions to upgrade the existing Airbus Tetra system in place. The new system will allow the airport personnel to embrace the benefits that a hybrid solution such as Tactilon Agnet, can bring to simplify its operations. It will allow the users to collaborate in a simple, safe and efficient way on their phones, terminals and dispatchers, wherever they are on the premises and independent from the current communication standard (Tetra, LTE).

Indeed, the airport that attracts around 18 million visitors a year will become the very first airport in China to combine the best of Airbus Tetra and the mobile broadband network for its daily operations. The new technology will be implemented by the last semester of 2020. It will include a Taira Tetra Server, TB3 base stations, TH9 terminals, and multiple Tactilon Agnet licences for smartphone users.

Thanks to the possibility of hybrid networking offered, Jinan Airport staff members – from fuel personnel and firefighters to general operations end-users – will be able to connect to the secure Tetra communication system using their ordinary smartphones. In sum, they can use secure Tetra communications for airport related services, such as luggage handling, shuttle bus logistics, equipment maintenance, or refuelling among others, at the push of a button.

Airbus is already well established in the Asia-Pacific region, and especially China, as the company supplies a large variety of reliable, resilient, and secure communications technology and solutions to mission critical and business critical organisations. In the transportation segment, these include the main airports such as Beijing Capital International, Beijing Daxing, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Chengdu Shuangliu Airport, and secures numerous metro lines.


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