Kirintec’s K-Cutter miniature explosive wire cutting

Kirintec’s K-Cutter miniature explosive wire cutting

Please take a look out the latest datasheet for our electronic wire cutter known as the K-Cutter.

High level engineering, rigorous testing and repeat customer orders should all assure you of performance. Our clever cutter provides the correct capability needed.

Our innovative K-Cutter is useful for:

1. Defeating a device – remotely cutting wire
2. Operations that require discreet/covert EOD action
3. Special Ops and Counter-Intelligence tasks
4. Specialist Military Ops. K-Cutter is It is shielded against high RF (Radio Frequency) and suitable for use in ESD (Electrostatic discharge) type environments
5. Under water operations. K-Cutter carries a high IP (Ingress Protection) rating.

As a much admired specialist cutting tool, our K-Cutter provides a single shot, miniature explosive wire cutting capability.

This is a product I would really recommend, without any hesitation.

It is particularly advantageous to EOD operators, as it is has been stringently developed to offer users maximum flexibility. We have been able to remove the Class 1 Hazardous Classification, this is usually required for similar pyro mechanical items.

Cutting up to up to 4mm of steel wire is no problem for the K-Cutter. This handy piece of equipment is equally as attractive, when you factor in operational costs. We estimate your outlay to be around 25% less per firing than the average through life cost of a disrupter with consumables.

In our industry being able to trust the product you deploy is essential. Test data is reassuring; with a failure rate of less than 1 in 20,000,000 firings is certainly impressive.

Trained Operators will be pleased to learn of additional benefits of K-Cutter:

• If you store it correctly K-Cutter should allow you 20 years of predictable performance
• K-Cutter’s operational ability ranges from -40ºC to +80ºC.
• The ‘witness’ from a cut is very low and is similar to a quiet hand clap.

Should you require any further details, please get in touch.

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