LS Telematics combat metal theft using mobile phone technology

LS Telematics
LS Telematics

LS Telematics, a Nottingham-based electronic design and manufacturing company, has spent several months working on ways of combating cable and metal theft problems and have developed a high-tech solution that uses the latest in wireless mobile phone technology.

Railway networks, electricity and telecoms companies can now protect vital systems quickly and easily with a simple-to-use alarm and monitoring system. This product can communicate directly with an alarm receiving and monitoring centre, or alternatively with any mobile phone.

You may have seen an item on the BBC news last week about the significant increase in thefts of metal from churches and now cemeteries.

While this is a completely unacceptable crime, and deeply upsetting for families of those interred there, councils across the region are looking at ways of combatting this disturbing trend.

I attach the link to the short news item highlighting how some organisations are already reducing the risk to their properties by using the latest technology, designed and made in the East Midlands.

LS Telematics Director, Nick Stevens, comments: “The UK is struggling to cope with the impacts associated with this wave of crime and disruption but we have developed an effective and easy-to-use solution to help combat these problems and provide an immediate warning of any unlawful activity. We believe LS Telematics products can have a major impact on the reduction in this type of crime and reduce the serious disruption and knock-on effects these types of crimes create.”


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