Luminite launches the Genesis IP, PIR detection system at IFSEC 2011

Luminite Genesis 3020
Luminite Genesis 3020

Luminite, manufacturer of the wireless and hard-wired Genesis PIR detector systems, will be exhibiting at IFSEC 2011, stand 4/17. Genesis PIRs are available as wireless and hard-wired solutions. Luminite will also be launching its new IP communication system available for the Genesis wireless PIR range. It allows up to 64 PIRs to connect, without wires, to a Masthead transceiver, which in turn links over a standard IP network to CCTV recording and control equipment as well as Luminite’s free IP remote control & monitoring software.   The hard-wired option includes a RS485 bus configuration. Up to 32 PIRs can connect together using a single, 4 core, CAT 5 cable, in a spur or looped configuration.

The 3020 Gensis PIRs use dual sensing technology, significantly reducing false and nuisance alarms. They are only triggered if both sensors within the PIR are activated, either simultaneously or in sequence. The Genesis PIRs offer a broad range of lens options and detection ranges to suit all applications. They are made for external use from tough, weather-proof, polycarbonate.

The hard-wired Genesis system allows for the traditional, direct, connection of PIRs to a DVR or NVR. However, the RS485 bus option enables natural groups of up to 32 detectors to connect together on a single cable, which is then run to the RS485 Adaptor. The RS485 bus has the potential to dramatically reduce cabling costs and installation time on-site, whilst increasing system reliability due to the reduction in wired connections.

The Genesis wireless PIRs are even quicker to install. Their wireless connections enable them to be positioned for optimal detection performance, not restricted to where data cables or power is available. 64 PIRs can be used within each wireless system, within a 1km radius from a Masthead transceiver hub. The Masthead is connected by either RS232, or the newly available IP network connection, to a DVR or NVR. A Genesis Relay Unit, which enables 16 physical alarm and/or tamper switch outputs, can also be added to the system.

Luminite’s Walk Test Instrument, designed for installers to verify the intruder detection range of a Genesis PIR and for confirming the wireless signal strength between the PIRs and Masthead, will also be on show. Testing and confirming signal strengths in this way helps installers to commission robust and reliable PIR detection networks.

The Genesis, PIR series from Luminite is designed, built and supported in the UK.

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