Manchester Airport upgrades its CCTV system with Codestuff’s Quorum

Manchester Airport
Manchester Airport

Codestuff have announced a project helping Manchester Airport to upgrade its ageing analogue CCTV system to a fully digital core. The 8 month project will improve a wide range of CCTV related tasks from baggage system monitoring, car park customer service, aircraft stands and pedestrian safety management across a 625 hectare site used by over 18 million passengers and staff each year.

Keen to update its existing CCTV network, Manchester Airport chose the Quorum platform for video recording, playback, management and archiving alongside a new fully digital core.

Quorum was selected based on its scalability and depth of features as well as Codestuff’s ability to provide custom modification to allow the existing management and control systems to interface directly into the upgraded CCTV system.

“The new digital core and Quorum platform will provide the airport with many more capabilities and give us the flexibility to simply deploy new monitoring PC workstations, simplified architecture and the ability to upgrade to IP cameras in the future,” explains Geoff Densham, Project Manager at Manchester Airport. “We originally ran into difficulties working with a third party supplier so we approached Codestuff directly and this has accelerated the design and implementation phase and the first stage will go live in May.”

Manchester Airport is the only global gateway to Northern England. Over 75 airlines offer direct flights to over 190 destinations worldwide and employ around 19,000 people on-site. The new Quorum platform will allow the airport to improve the management groups of the 100 users within the user groups across the site. The system will allow new PC based monitoring stations to be simply deployed and will share the existing data network to transport video data around as well as for archival procedures which are part of its regulatory compliance requirements.

“This is one of the largest projects of its kind in the UK,” explains James Ritchie, Managing Director of Codestuff, “and is a great example of how organisations can use Quorum to retain their investment in older analogue cameras while gaining many of the benefits of newer digital technology for transmission, control and recording.”

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