Metronet announces new 3G solution

Metronet UK
Metronet UK

Metronet UK, known for its innovative hybrid network solutions, is pleased to announce rollout of a new 3G solution that will set new standards in remote worker connectivity.

Metronet AnywhereConnect expands the reach of your corporate networks so that your staff really can connect anywhere. Using direct interconnects onto our partner 3G networks means that Metronet can send traffic over an entirely private infrastructure from the 3G network point right to the Internet. The result? Better performance, faster speeds and guaranteed security. What’s more, each SIM card can be configured to operate as an office site (i.e an MPLS node) on your company’s network meaning that access to business systems and applications can be achieved without setting up complex VPNs or a complex user authentication process.

Metronet’s 3G package has also been designed to offer the most flexible possible terms. With SIM card monthly rentals at less than 40% of standard packages, the ability to share your data allowance across your SIM pool, and to only pay for the data that you use, customers can expect significant cost savings. Add this to the month to month contract terms rather than restrictive longer term deals and the case is made.

Metronet UK CEO, Elliott Mueller said, “Anyone can do 3G but nobody does it quite like Metronet. We can deliver cheaper SIMs with total flexibility, security that can’t be matched, faster connections and most of all, peace of mind for all the IT Managers out there that struggle with managing a huge estate of SIM cards. Metronet UK will take away that headache and make sure that customers can AnywhereConnect”.


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