MOBOTIX Spring splash: innovations ready for the market

After the Innovation Summits in Athens and Langmeil and the company’s attendance at the ISC West in Las Vegas, where MOBOTIX presented the latest research and R&D successes and trends to customers and partners, “Spring Splash” marks the market launch of the latest innovations.
MOBOTIX is demonstrating the company’s innovative strength to both its partners and customers.
”We want to exploit the potential of MOBOTIX technology and DNA and focus on quality from Germany and cybersecurity,” said MOBOTIX CEO Thomas Lausten at the various launches.
MOBOTIX also sees good opportunities and growth potential for video surveillance outside the traditional security sector: “We focus our research and development activities on continuously opening up new markets for MOBOTIX – whether in production monitoring, customer behaviour in retail stores, in the health care sector or in logistics – in close cooperation with our technology partners,” explains Lausten.
MOBOTIX works on regularly optimising and expanding its range of products and solutions in order to develop market-driven and future-oriented innovations and to ensure the greatest possible cybersecurity for these innovations in Langmeil, Germany.
Together with the R&D colleagues of the technology partners, such as Konica Minolta, new solutions for vertical markets were developed and brought to marketability:
MxManagementCenter (MxMC): ONVIF-compliant and Scalable
The Spring Splash event sees the launch of version 2.1 of the MxManagementCenter, which is ONVIF-compliant like all MOBOTIX IoT and MOVE camera models. This means it complies with the worldwide open standard for IP-based security products.
MOBOTIX offers its customers a simple and scalable total solution for video-supported search for a variety of applications with its new Smart Data license, regardless of the industry.
The MOBOTIX Smart Data solution enables the combination of almost any multi-layered data source, such as cash register or car license plate detection systems, using the video data from MOBOTIX IoT cameras.
All data can be securely encrypted and transmitted in real time, and the results can be analysed onsite or via an Internet connection from any MxMC workstation worldwide. “Our Smart Data solution is a valuable tool, especially for our solution and technology partners, for integrating their technological developments into our MxManagementCenter,” continues Lausten.
MxThinClient: Everything on One Monitor
There will be a firmware release going online for the MxThinClient, which will enable an IP video interface to display live images from all MOBOTIX IoT and MOVE camera models and Door Stations on a monitor/TV set. Both the stability and access security of the MOBOTIX system are increased thanks to the option of direct displaying camera images without the need for operating software or even a PC workstation.
MxBell 2.1: More Than Just Improved Usability
MxBell 2.1, the MOBOTIX app, is the mobile remote station for MOBOTIX IP video Door Stations and IoT cameras.
The app’s interface underwent a face-lift to improve user-friendliness and now sends push notifications for all Door Station and camera events. Especially valuable for the user is the visitor and event documentation, which makes it possible to track events quickly and easily at any time and from anywhere.
Mx-V5.2.3.x: Extreme Data Economy
The system release Mx-V5.2.3.30 for all Mx6 x16/x26 cameras reduces bandwidth and storage requirements by 25% thanks to 3D noise reduction, among other things. In addition to data security, data economy is indispensable in the world of the IoT and is therefore of utmost importance for MOBOTIX in the interests of its customers.

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