New access control time & attendance system available from Security Technologies Group

Horizon Year View
Horizon Year View

Add-On for S2 NetBox and KeyScan Access Control systems provides additional functionality.

Security Technologies Group (STG) announces the availability of the Horizon Rota Time & Attendance and Staff Planning System for both the S2 NetBox and KeyScan System VII Access Control systems.

HorizonTM was developed by Thinking Software in order to provide Access Control systems with Staff-Planning, Time & Attendance, Staff-Rostering, Payroll-Forecasting & Payroll-Linking functionality.  Horizon has been available since 1994, and is compatible with Access Control products made Paxton, ACT, Siemens, Honeywell, BSB, TAC, TDSi, Chubb, Cardax, Tyco, BPT, PAC and IET.  This new release makes Horizon work alongside both KeyScan and the web-enabled, browser-delivered S2 NetBox systems.

Being fully integrated with an Access Control system enables both systems to share employee data and transactions.  This reduces both keyboard entry time and administrative costs, and also minimises spelling mistakes.

Rather than requiring users to install additional expensive clocking terminals, Horizon utilises the existing access control hardware.  When employees present their access credential to a premises or area access reader, that transaction is stored within the access control database and is then sent in near-real time to the Horizon database as an “In punch”.  Similarly, when the person leaves that premises or area, an “Out punch” is recorded.  Once Horizon contains employee clockings, it can manipulate them to produce management reports and payroll information.

Said Denis Kane, Director of STG, “the enhanced level of performance this scalable, flexible and feature rich solution provides enables both existing and new access control users to bridge the gap within existing product offerings.”

“The unique transparent way in which both STG and Thinking Software sell and support this solution ensures that the integrator need not be an expert in time-recording systems.  This has always been a barrier in the past.” noted Kane.

Steve Rothkopf, CEO of Thinking Software, said that “We’ve designed Horizon to work seamlessly alongside a variety of Access Control platforms, and we’re particularly proud of the integration we’ve achieved with both the Keyscan and S2 Netbox offerings.  Access Control systems contain a huge amount of valuable information, and it’s our goal to help users use this data to cut payroll costs and increase profitability and staff efficiency.”

About Security Technologies Group
Security Technologies Group, headquartered in Hargrave, Northamptonshire, is a supplier of access control peripherals such as readers, credentials, locks, power supplies, etc and is an innovator in the development of advanced Card Management software, which allows the identification of previously ordered credentials, therefore ensuring continuity of supply.

Their extensive knowledge of the marketplace and superior technical support capabilities have earned them the reputation as being the experts in the Access Control field, and so the supplier of choice to those looking for these characteristics within their vendors.

Security Technologies Group Web site:

About Thinking Software
Thinking Software was founded in 1994 by a group of software engineers, systems designers and human resource specialists.  Based near Oxford in the UK, the company designs and markets a range of Time & Attendance solutions to businesses in sectors including hospitality, industry, retail, healthcare, construction and government.

Thinking Software Web site:

Denis Kane
For Security Technologies Group
+44 (0) 1234 865004

Steve Rothkopf
For Thinking Software
+44 (0) 800 854 471

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