New Siemens airport website allows control of 3D virtual airport

section of its website devoted to integrated airport solutions

Siemens Building Technologies Division has created a section of its website devoted to integrated airport solutions, including interactive features to enhance the visitor experience, including the first 3D ‘augmented reality’ feature to be created by Siemens.

The pages devoted to Siemens airport offering focus on security, comfort and passenger safety, demonstrating the way in which an integrated approach can both deter threats and reliably deal with incidents should they occur.

It shows how Command and Control systems from Siemens treat the airport as a whole, bringing together intelligent security, fire safety and energy optimization.  Energy of course is a particular focus, as airport operators today are searching for sustainable methods of supplying power to all areas of airport facilities, with the additional benefit of saving energy costs.

One of the most innovative features is undoubtedly the introduction of augmented reality, which allows the user to interact through the website and control a 3D virtual airport.  The user prints out a simple aircraft icon and places it in front of a webcam to enable control of the on-screen visualization of an airport.  Moving the icon allows the user to zoom in and out, rotate the landscape through 360 degrees and to load visual and audio messages which highlight the different areas of the airport environment and the respective capabilities that Siemens offers.

The site also has a clean, user friendly menu which allows the viewer to explore deeper with a single click to different areas within the airport for which Siemens provides solutions, from the terminal building and the perimeter/apron, through to the departure/arrival gates, hangars, car parks, HVAC plant room, IT room and control rooms.

Given Siemens extensive experience in hundreds of airports throughout the world, the site also offers selected case studies available as downloads, including Venice International Airport and Bangalore International Airport for which Siemens received two gold awards for its film showing the development of the new facility for India’s ‘Garden City’, from the laying of the foundations right through to its commissioning.

The site also features high definition streaming videos, providing an overview of Siemens airport solutions and how they help to keep operations running smoothly and continue to save energy.

The site is on:

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