OnSSI Ocularis benefit from partnerships


OnSSI’s Ocularis open-architecture, intelligent IP video platform now benefits from partnership with several new third party technologies that bring more options and capabilities to Ocularis users. New partnership offerings featured at ISC West include high-performance storage, longer video retention times, video interface with attached IP appliances, the ability to capture and analyze sensor data and a compact device perfect for small to mid-sized systems or as an add-on to existing enterprise systems.

Open architecture and collaboration with third-party vendors expand the benefits of Ocularis to end users. Integration of Ocularis with third-party vendors enriches the system to provide additional cutting-edge technologies, including these being unveiled at ISC West:

• ConvergenceTP unifies video surveillance with a wide variety of IP appliances including point-of-sale (POS) transactions such as cash registers and automated teller machines (ATMs), streaming text directly into a video management system as a camera stream. “Our real-time text integration and hypermedia search tools seamlessly integrate time synchronized IP text streams to associated video of the text events,” said Paul Eaton, President and CTO, ConvergenceTP.

• NetApp offers a High Performance Video Storage System that allows video surveillance architectures to support larger-scale applications, higher camera resolutions and longer retention times.“In the era of Big Data, customers are generating large amounts of data that are causing traditional video architectures to break,” said Chris Cummings, VP of Product and Solutions Marketing, NetApp. “NetApp E-Series Storage Solutions deliver the bandwidth needed to ingest data in today’s highperformance video streaming environments. Together, OnSSI and NetApp are providing video storage solutions that not only support customers’ large scale, high camera resolution environments, but also enable them to manage, store, and retain their data for longer periods of time.”

• The razberi™ ServerSwitch appliance combines the functions of a network video recorder, high-powered Ethernet switch and powerful OnSSI Ocularis video management software into a single compact device.  The razberi™ServerSwitch can serve as an edge-recording device in an Ocularis system or it can be a self-contained, stand-alone recorder for a small to mid-sized system. “The razberi™ dramatically simplifies IP video installation and can be applied to an Ocularis system of any size,” said Tom Galvin, President, Razberi Technologies.

• Spectra Logic and Soleratec are partnering to optimize video lifecycle management.

Spectra Logic’s digital data tape storage system provides the lowest-cost, longest term, retention solution while Soleratec’s Phoenix RSM Software incorporates digital data tape storage with ultra-fast search and playback capabilities.

“It is important for users to be able to access archived video as quickly and efficiently as possible,” said Patrick Claffey, WW VP Video Surveillance, Spectra Logic. “Our partnership with OnSSI helps to expand the capabilities of these technologies to the benefit of end-users.”

“By teaming with great partners like Spectra Logic and OnSSI, organizations that are realizing the need for longer-term video retention can now trust a truly integrated and seamless solution,” stated Mark Armstrong, CEO of SoleraTec.

Ocularis solutions by OnSSI include video management software and physical security information management (VMS/PSIM) systems for server-based and Software-as-aService (SaaS) applications which increase security and lower operational costs. Ocularis innovations include fusion, push video, client/video wall, event monitoring and video delivery.


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