OnSSI’s software platform Ocularis integrates with Mate video analytics

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Analytics alarms boost Ocularis system functionality and efficiency

OnSSI, the market leader in open-architecture, intelligent IP-based video surveillance software, announces integration of their highly acclaimed Ocularis software platform with video analytics functionality provided by Mate Intelligent Video, a MangoDSP company.

The Mate intelligent video system can provide alarms in Ocularis related to various modes of detection. This includes directional motion such as a boundary crossing or virtual path crossing detection; a static object like a stopped vehicle or object left behind; or an object removed, which helps to prevent vehicle theft, stock shrinkage or to protect a valuable object. The system can also combine multiple video analytics events using rules dependency to trigger an alarm and to minimize false alarms; for example, at the entrance of an office building, Path Detection followed by Loitering would trigger an alarm only when the loitering is done by a person coming from outside and would filter out the people from the building who go outside. Mate has also developed a number of advanced and proprietary video surveillance technologies such as behavior tracking, people and car counting and tailgating detection.

“Integration of the Mate video analytics product expands the functionality of Ocularis and provides customers an additional choice of video analytics systems to work with Ocularis,” said Gadi Piran, President and Chief Technology Officer, OnSSI. “Video analytics work hand-in-hand with Ocularis to control the amount of information an operator has to deal with and to involve operator response only in situations that require his or her attention. Combined with Ocularis, Mate video analytics can prioritize alarms requiring response, improve system functionality, make systems more efficient and enable real-time reaction to incidents.”

Complementing Mate’s intelligent video capabilities are features of Ocularis such as instant investigation during live monitoring, open platform support for hundreds of camera models, centralized user rights management and map navigation with active camera previews. Advanced video investigation tools, including the Time Slicer and Kinetic Motion Timeline, are also included in Ocularis, which is scalable for an unlimited number of cameras and servers at multiple sites with single-camera incremental licensing, and is bundled with unlimited installs of Ocularis Client software.

Mate Intelligent Video filters video information to display events of interest and automates video surveillance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The ability to react in real time boosts proactive surveillance and improves security operations. Other applications include perimeter security, monitoring cash register lines or airport check-in queues and sending an alarm when a large crowd of people gathers.

“Mate intelligent video enhances the benefits of video management software such as Ocularis by monitoring and automating the video content an operator sees,” said Daniel Peled, EVP Sales, Mango DSP, Inc. “Ocularis is a user-friendly system that provides operators with helpful tools to manage even large numbers of camera feeds, and Mate video analytics works to make those video systems even more efficient and effective.”

For more information on OnSSI, call 845-732-7900, e-mail info@onssi.com or visit http://www.onssi.com.About

About OnSSI
With over tens of thousands of installations around the world and more citywide deployments than any other video surveillance software solution, OnSSI is the choice of security and IT professionals. OnSSI’s solutions fit needs of all sizes and enable users to choose best-of-breed components, grow with their needs over time and increase productivity and efficiency in order to help security professionals keep their facilities safer more easily.

About Mate
Mate Intelligent Video, a Mango DSP company, is a global provider of cutting-edge, real time video analytics solutions for proactive video and IP surveillance, people and car counting, and tailgating detection. Mate’s advanced video content analysis technology detects and analyzes potential threats and hazards, generating real-time alerts based on user’s pre-defined parameters. Founded in 1997, Mate has gained extensive experience in the video analytics field, and has positioned itself as a market leader. Leveraging an open architecture, Mate’s flexible and field-proven solutions integrate easily into any network topology, and are sold, installed and supported by top tier systems integrators and distributors worldwide. www.mateusa.net

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