Optelecom-NKF Renamed following Merger with TKH Group

Optelecom-NKF Inc., manufacturer of advanced Siqura®…

Optelecom-NKF Inc., manufacturer of advanced Siqura® and Optelecom video surveillance solutions, today announced that it will be renamed on April 1st, 2011, as a result of its recent merger with the Dutch company, TKH Group. The merger between TKH Group and Optelecom-NKF was made definite on January 27th, 2011.

Company Name Change

Over the past two years, Optelecom-NKF has positioned nearly all its surveillance solutions under the Siqura brand name, with the exception of its renowned Optelecom fiber optic line in the US. Once the merger with TKH Group was made definite, it was decided to rename Optelecom-NKF:

As of April 1st, 2011, the EMEA offices will be named Siqura and the company headquarters will be relocated to Gouda, the Netherlands.

In order to effectively market the existing Siqura and Optelecom brands as well as the TKH Security Solutions offering in the Americas, the Optelecom-NKF US office will be renamed as TKH Security Solutions USA Inc.

Why Two Different Names?

“Optelecom-NKF has always been an adept player in the global industry of video networking, both through its innovative IP solutions as well as its established and extensive fiber optic line,” says Tom Overwijn, CEO of Siqura and TKH Security Solutions USA.

“In becoming a member of TKH Group and giving our company two different names, we are able to promote Optelecom-NKF’s promising potential in ways that better ensure the success of our customers. TKH Security Solutions USA will be an accessible portal through which the entire range of solutions comprised in the TKH security sector will become available in the Americas. Throughout the rest of the world, the now well-known Siqura name will continue to safeguard and endorse our longstanding commitment to quality and reliable surveillance solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers and partners. Through this merger and name change, we expect to more effectively serve and benefit our customers and the industry.”

As a Member of TKH Group

TKH Group is an innovative leading provider of telecom, building, and industrial solutions with more than 3500 employees and an annual turnover of 893.5 million euro (2010). Security systems comprise approximately 10% of TKH Group’s yearly business.

Becoming part of TKH Group ensures the continuity of reliable and quality Siqura and Optelecom surveillance solutions. The Siqura and Optelecom solutions will complement TKH Group’s existing product range and strengthen its position in the Critical lnfrastructure, Transportation, and Government markets. Moreover, customers will gain access to TKH Group’s wide range of solutions.

Business as Usual

Optelecom-NKF asserts that throughout this transition period, business will continue as usual so as not to disrupt operations for its customers.

About TKH Group

Technology company, TKH Group, in the Netherlands is an internationally active group of companies that specializes in creating and supplying innovative telecom, building, and industrial solutions. In TKH’s business segments, basic technologies in the fields of ICT and electro-technology from the various operating companies are combined – frequently in partnership with suppliers – to develop total solutions.

Telecom Solutions develops, produces, and supplies systems ranging from outdoor infrastructure for telecom networks through to indoor home networking applications. Building Solutions develops, produces, and supplies solutions in the field of efficient electro-technology.

These solutions range from applications within buildings to technical systems that, combined with software, streamline solutions for the healthcare and security sectors. Industrial Solutions develops, produces, and supplies solutions ranging from specialty cable and plug-and-play cable systems to integrated systems for the production of car and truck tires. Growth is concentrated in Northwest, Central, and Eastern Europe and Asia. In 2010, TKH booked a turnover of €893.5 million with a workforce of 3,564 employees. TKH shares are listed on the NYSE Euronext Amsterdam. For more information, please visit

TKH Group’s website at www.tkhgroup.com.

About Optelecom-NKF

Optelecom-NKF Inc., manufacturer of Siqura and Optelecom advanced video surveillance solutions, provides a full range of network products based on an open technology platform that simplifies integration and installation.

Our Siqura solutions offer a perfect blend of ease of use and processing power, enabling end users to optimize the effectiveness of their surveillance systems while reducing the total cost of ownership. All products and solutions are developed and tested for professional and mission critical applications, such as at highway departments, airports, seaports, casinos, public transport authorities, hospitals, city centers, shopping centers, military bases, and corporate and government campuses. Founded in 1972, Optelecom-NKF is committed to providing its customers with expert technical advice, support, and solutions. 

Press inquiries should be directed to Kate Huber, khuber@siqura.com tel. +31 182 592 215

For more information, please visit our website: www.siqura.com


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