Optex introduce and demonstrate Perimeter Protection at Counter Terror Expo

FiberSensys Perimeter Protection
FiberSensys Perimeter Protection

(Stand G90) Optex, the leading detector manufacturer, will be showcasing its high-end security intrusion detection and perimeter protection capabilities, including its Fiber SenSys® fibre optic fence detector systems, at the Counter Terror Expo between 25th and 26th April at Olympia in London.

For critical infrastructure, government facilities, border sites and military installations that require the very highest levels of security, product performance and reliability are key, as is a ‘strategic’ approach to perimeter protection.

To this end, Optex will demonstrate its multi-layered approach to security, with products that protect both the outer and inner perimeters of a site, whether that perimeter is a ‘physical’ line such as a fence or wall, or a ‘virtual’ line to secure a specific ‘area’. The earlier that security personnel are alerted to a threat, the better they are able to respond and the better the outcome.

To protect the outer perimeter, Optex will be showing the Fiber SenSys detector range. Harnessing the latest fibre optic technology – and with the ability to be mounted on fences, in walls, or even buried underground – the Fiber SenSys systems use sophisticated algorithms to detect intruders who are attempting to climb over, crawl under, or cut through a perimeter line. These same algorithms are also able to distinguish between genuine intruders and nuisance alarms that might be caused by wind or small animals. Unlike metallic (coaxial) sensors, the advanced fibre-optic sensing is unaffected by harsh environments, including UV radiation, moisture, salt, or even lightning strikes.

Nigel Hackett, Sales Director at Optex Europe, says that the addition of the Fiber SenSys detectors to the Optex range provides end-users with incomparable choice: “It brings a new level of security to perimeter protection,” he says. “The high-end models of the range meet the top security criteria by avoiding any single point of failure. Indeed large perimeters will be segmented in different security zones to identify exactly where the threat is, and the alarm process units can be located in a remote site for extra safety.”

The Fiber SenSys range has been approved by the US Air Force and is the only fiber-optic intrusion detection system that is Priority Level 1 Nuclear Approved, and is ideally suited for large government and critical infrastructure applications, including military (permanent and tactical), airports, government facilities, prisons, nuclear and chemical plants, refineries, heritage properties, power stations and reservoirs.

As an additional layer of perimeter protection, Optex will also be exhibiting its range of infrared detectors and laser scanners, including the award-winning REDSCAN to cover all the sensitive outdoor areas. REDSCAN is a laser detector that identifies the size, speed and distance of a moving object and can function in effect like an invisible wall. This creates a new range of security and safety applications such as being able to move expensive aircraft around a hangar, protecting buildings from intrusion via the roof, or detecting intruders in the immediate surroundings of the perimeter line. Optex REDWALL® detectors are usually integrated with CCTV and act as the ‘trigger’ that prompts an alarm in the local or remote monitoring centre, so that an appropriate response can be quickly and effectively determined.


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