Optex launch new addition to its BoundaryGard series: The HX-80 detector

Optex HX-80
Optex HX-80

Optex Europe, the leading detector business, has launched the HX-80 (HX Long) – the latest in its series of proven BoundaryGard external sensors including wireless options with all the benefits of easier installation and dramatically reduced install times and costs.

The HX Long, which is ideally suited to a range of home, business and rapid deployment applications, provides a multi-layered detection pattern covering an area 24m x 2m. The two separate Pyro elements, mounted one above the other, can be configured for either ‘AND’ logic operation (ie small animal immunity) or alternatively configured for ‘OR’ logic operation. All devices are supplied with a fully adjustable bracket with a number of tamper options

There are four models in the series: two hardwired models – the HX-80N and HX80NAM (with anti-masking capabilities and an auxiliary input for additional directional detection); and the two battery operated (wireless) devices – the HX-80NRAM and HX80NRMATI both featuring anti-masking and small animal immunity.

The HX-80NRAMTI comes pre-fitted with ‘Inovonics’ wireless, whereas the HX-80NRAM can be fitted with most other leading brands of wireless technology for further flexibility. “As with all BoundaryGard products.” Says Paul Nicholas, Optex Europe’s Divisional Manager, “this makes the HX long ideal for any hardwired or any wireless CCTV or intruder based applications.

“The wireless version is particularly beneficial in applications where access to mains power is an issue, and the cost of laying new cables is prohibitive.”

Range adjustment is facilitated on all models by the use of onboard blanking plates that can be inserted as required for accurate zone elimination. The HX Long complements the existing battery powered AX-TFR Active beam range by providing an alternative high stability detection technology for perimeter applications.


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