Paxton Access energy saving reader available through Norbain

Paxton Access energy saving reader
Paxton Access energy saving reader

Offering far more than just saving energy.

Designed for use with Paxton Switch2 or Net2 systems, the reader can be used to cut energy bills, save money and lower a site’s carbon emissions – bringing customers extra benefits from their access control systems.

The Paxton Energy saving reader has some great possibilities. Designed to retain a users’ proximity card, once fitted, it can control the utilities in a building – like heating, lighting and air-conditioning. This means that lights can’t be left on by mistake and customers can capitalise on greater control over energy usage on a site, saving them money on bills.

The Energy saving reader can also be fitted to control machinery. This means that use of connected machinery can be restricted to only authorised personnel, who are either qualified or have permission to use the equipment. This helps ensure that health and safety standards are adhered to. It also minimises the likelihood of accidental damage occurring, and risk to untrained staff.

These benefits are possible because unlike with standard card operated energy management units (such as those in hotel rooms), the Energy saving reader from Paxton will only work when an authenticated card is inserted.

Fitting the Energy saving reader to an existing Net2 or Switch2 system is so quick and simple that installers can offer their existing customers an ‘energy upgrade’. Even if they don’t need it straight away, they could do in the future and upgrading is easy, without huge cost or disruption.

“Simple to fit and use, the Energy saving reader from Paxton offers installers and end-user customers something extra,” says Andy Cross, Norbain’s business development executive – Paxton. “For use across a variety of applications, including offices and workshops, the Energy saving reader is ideal for energy conscious customers who want to save money and reduce their carbon footprint.”


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