Paxton release significant upgrade for access control system

Paxton Logo (Custom)Paxton, UK market leader in access control, have announced the launch of Net2 v5 software, a significant upgrade to their core access control system. Net2 v5 is a redesign of the Net2 software offering a fresh look and feel and including important new features directly requested by UK security installers.

Paxton is industry renowned for listening to their customer base and creating smart access control solutions fit for the real world. Upgrading to Net2 v5 allows installers to offer their clients smart and useful access control features to make their lives easier.

Ramon Surrey, Product Manager, says: “There are a variety of new features in v5 which offer very specific benefits to different customers. The education market wanted Custom Days which allows forward planning way into the future – this is helpful for events like sports days and parents evenings. Temporary Access Permissions is great for SMEs as it offers greater flexibility for the application of temporary access rights, for example for contractors or tradesmen where higher levels of access automatically expire.”

He goes on to add: “I would say the top new feature of v5 is Landlord Tenant as it makes Net2 better suited to multi-tenanted buildings. It offers greater control of which users operators can administer. Restricted permissions are there for reception or security guards for example.”

The new landlord tenant feature offers inter-departmental privacy, with the ability to enable partitioning of the Net2 system, giving operators access to specific departments only. This is ideal for sites that want the option for individual departments to only view their own staff information and access levels in the software.

Installers can show their customers how to create a one-off time period in Net2 software for special events and occasions, with the custom days feature. This will make security at events like parents’ evenings stress free, as users can now modify access permissions in Net2 in advance of the event. Temporary access permissions can be set in the software, making it easy for sites that employ shift workers or contractors to allow short-term access to a door for a specific period of time.

Net2v5mainimage (Custom)Net2 v5 also offers improved integration with Net2 Entry, Paxton’s smart, simple IP door entry system. Customers can streamline their door entry and access control system by turning on a lobby light or air conditioning when a user or visitor is granted access. For extra convenience, customers can now also set their intruder alarm via the Net2 Entry panel as they enter or leave a building.

In addition to these intuitive features, Net2 v5 software offers innovative triggers and actions options, improved door control and turnstile mode, a cost-effective feature with a single door controller operating a two way turnstile. As with all Net2 access control installations, upgrades to the software are free of charge with no additional licence fees for adding the system to multiple workstations.

Alistair Austin from The Alarming Company, who recently installed the software, says: “Net2 v5 is a pain free upgrade!  A much cleaner and clearer design making access to key features and functionality more straightforward.”

Remaining true to their ethos of putting installers first; Paxton are making it easy for installers to understand Net2 v5 by running weekly webinars on the new system. By attending a 30 minute webinar from the comfort of their home or office, installers will get an introductory presentation, live software demonstration and the opportunity to put questions to a Paxton expert.

Gareth O’Hara, Sales and Marketing Director, says: “Webinars are a great way of ensuring we are reaching all our installers, including those who can’t book a sales meeting or come to Paxton House, and they have proven very popular. They are a very efficient way of ensuring we are doing as much as we can to keep our installers informed with the latest solutions.”

Adam Stroud, CEO of the Paxton Group, comments: “We always strive to produce solutions that will make life easier for our installers and their customers. Net2 v5 software certainly lives up to this, with features that give even greater flexibility and security. We are confident that installers will be able to offer customers even smarter access control from Paxton.”

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