Teletrac Navman introduces advanced AI-Powered safety features

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Teletrac Navman has unveiled its latest advancements in fleet safety technology, introducing enhanced AI-powered features to its IQ Camera system. These new capabilities aim to tackle common challenges such as driver distraction and fatigue, offering solutions to promote safer and more efficient fleet operations.

Mayank Sharma, Global Head of Product Management at Teletrac Navman, explained the significance of these developments, stating, “AI-powered video telematics solutions leverage advanced algorithms to monitor different aspects of driver behavior. We are excited to bring these new detection features to the market through the IQ Camera and provide real-time alerts and insights to reduce the likelihood of incidents and promote the well-being of drivers.”

The IQ Camera now boasts enhanced capabilities in identifying behaviours such as mobile phone use, erratic head movements, and gaze deviations, helping drivers maintain focus on the road. Moreover, it incorporates continuous monitoring of physiological indicators to detect signs of driver fatigue, triggering timely alerts to prevent drowsiness-related collisions.

Teletrac Navman’s suite of safety features includes Drowsy Driving detection, which analyses eye closure duration to identify signs of drowsiness, and Cell Phone Distraction Monitoring, designed to detect instances of mobile phone use and discourage such behaviours.

When instances of distraction, cell phone use, or drowsiness are detected, alerts are promptly issued to the driver and the back-office team via Teletrac Navman’s fleet management system, TN360. This integration of footage and telematics data empowers fleet managers with real-time insights to ensure the safety of their drivers and enhance operational efficiency.

Sharma emphasised the broader benefits of adopting such technology, noting, “Fleet managers gain real-time footage alongside data insights and are empowered to protect their drivers and gain a competitive edge to win business. By showcasing the solutions available through the latest technology, including route optimisation, delivery tracking, and always-accessible location services, Teletrac Navman can help businesses of all sizes become a transport partner of choice.”

Furthermore, positive behaviour management enabled by these solutions often leads to cost reductions across various aspects of fleet operations, including maintenance and fuel consumption. Testimonials from companies such as Jarratt Transport Solutions in Australia highlight significant savings achieved through improved driver behaviour, reinforcing the value of integrating telematics solutions into fleet management practices.


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