Perimeter Fencing and Gates for Kingdom Hall

Jacksons Fencing has recently completed a project with the Kingdom Hall in Hoddesdon, striving to enhance both the safety and visual appeal of its premises. As a place of worship for Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Kingdom Hall is meticulously maintained by its congregants to embody modesty and purpose.

Enhancing security and aesthetics

The primary goal was to bolster security against unauthorised access, vandalism, and theft, while also complementing the dignified exterior of the place of worship.

Recognising the importance of creating a secure yet welcoming environment for congregation members and visitors alike, Jacksons Fencing was entrusted to install vertical bar railings around the building’s perimeter. These railings, coated in black architectural grade polyester powder, were chosen for their security features and aesthetic compatibility with the existing brick façade.

The solution

The selection of a black polyester powder coating not only ensures durability and weather resistance, but also aligns with the hall’s commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship, by minimising maintenance needs.

Safety and security were paramount concerns for the premises. To prevent unauthorised access, vandalism, and theft, and to safeguard everyone within the premises, the installation of vertical bar railings was deemed essential.

Additionally, enhancing the building’s exterior aesthetics was a key consideration. The decision to use black polyester powder-coated railings was driven by the ability to harmonise with the brick façade, thereby enhancing the overall sophistication of the hall’s appearance.

Jacksons Fencing’s experienced installation team anchored the Barbican Imperial® vertical bar railings to the brick wall, utilising cranked posts for added stability. The black polyester powder-coated finish was chosen for its longevity and low maintenance, reflecting Jehovah’s Witnesses’ emphasis on sustainable practices and responsible investments.

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