Perimeter security manufacturer Harper Chalice boasts advantages of British technology

Harper Chalice perimeter security
Harper Chalice perimeter security

Harper Chalice is highlighting the advantages of British-designed and manufactured technology – better design, quality and cost – in a new campaign aimed at top-end buyers, not just in the UK but internationally.

“Harper Chalice’s PulseSecure and FenceSecure advanced electrified and electronic perimeter security systems are made in one of the centres for British manufacturing and design – the West Midlands – and that gives us important advantages that we are able to pass on to our customers,” says Managing Director Graham Harper in an article published on the company’s website.

Not least, the company argues, UK-manufactured fencing systems can be developed, made and delivered more quickly than equipment shipped in from overseas.

But perhaps the most important advantage is the fact that the company’s technology just works better, because the systems have been designed from the ground up, having been subject to the UK’s particularly demanding testing regimes.

Submitting the Harper Chalice PulseSecure™ PROTECTOR high and low voltage system to independent testing by various official agencies has been an important part of their development and one of the key drivers to innovation, says Graham Harper.

“There was a useful pressure on us to evolve and improve, in order to compete for top level UK contracts. As a result we developed meaningful operational advantages that are as attractive to international buyers as much as those in the UK.”

In effect the company has responded to pressure in the security-conscious UK to make its technology work better, and this is giving it an advantage in markets around the world. Harper Chalice’s turnover grew by more than 120% last year, and it is expected to do expand more rapidly year on year to meet the growing world markets demands for reliable, effective and dependable electronic perimeter security increases.

Reflecting on the manufacturing tradition that his company is part of, Graham Harper says that for a variety of reasons British companies have been slower to promote their ‘national quality brand’ than those from countries such as Germany and France – even when they have every right to do so.

“When you talk to a German company at an international trade fair the ‘Made in Germany’ slogan is always one of the first selling points, because it is seen around the world as a guarantee of quality.

“We are equally confident in promoting the ‘Made in Britain’ message, and that’s why we have made it one of our key marketing themes for the coming year.

“Our company is a prime example of how British  manufacturers are now very smart and very quality-driven  – we are part of an industrial tradition that is evolving and finding effective ways to compete in highly competitive global markets,” adds Graham Harper.

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