Plustek NVRs secure Japanese Shinto shrine

Japanese Shrine
Japanese Shrine

On-site video monitoring- fighting against the bleak economy with extra eyes on the donation box and historic monuments


A Shinto shrine outside of Tokyo offers a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of the world’s largest city. Shinto spirituality has a significant influence in Japan, counting 119 million observers nationwide. The shrine’s tranquility attracts local worshippers as well as tourists.

Preserved for many years, the shrine’s main purpose is to house “kami,” sacred objects with spirits or life essence. Visitors can leave donations, which are used to maintain the grounds and make them accessible. However, the shrine faces the risk of theft. The bleak economic climate and growing unemployment rates have resulted in higher vagrancy. With more reports of theft, looting and arson, crime poses a real threat to Shinto shrines.

The shrine’s caretakers wanted to monitor strategic areas, while preserving its aesthetics. They wanted evidence-grade video that could be used by the authorities to apprehend criminals. However, the existing analog cameras did not provide sufficient detail for identification. The solution needed to be discreet and not overly intrusive.


The religious caretaker selected Plustek network storage to watch over worshippers and relics. “We needed to protect our shrine’s historical treasures, while giving our visitors an open environment,” said a caretaker. “If something happens, we need video proof to help the police solve investigations.”

With cameras alert for crime 24/7, all footage is recorded to the Plustek Network Video Recorders (NVRs) on-site and video data are transmitted back to the main office for record though the in-house design, MultiManager.  High-resolution network cameras kept watch at the gateway, offering hall and sacred objects for constant surveillance. Onboard motion detection analytics monitor the area around the shrine for any activity, alerting management if alarm zones are breached. Should an alert be triggered, two-way audio allows staff to warn

would-be thieves right away.

The shrine was most vulnerable at night, with no staff on hand. Remote monitoring enabled staff to keep watch at all hours through their smart phones. Caretakers can stream video live from the shrine whether at home or on the road, giving them peace of mind.


The shrine staff was pleased with Plustek’s reliable and smart network storage. It provided them with an easy-to-use solution and 24/7 surveillance. They were able to adjust their shift schedule freely and still have the entire shrine under their eyes. The capability of supporting Megapixel cameras allows them to zoom in for a clear visual of image of the theft.   Moreover, the Skype integrated function allowed the caretaker to call out for help immediately.  As a result, the shrine has witnessed a noticeable reduction in theft.  Donation box is now kept under surveillance with smart analytics and remote video capabilities made from Plustek- it is a perfect match for the shrine’s monitoring needs.


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